Production is underway for the highly anticipated psychological thriller “Dead and Buried,” a four-part series penned by acclaimed writer Colin Bateman. The project, a collaboration between BBC Northern Ireland and Virgin Media Television in partnership with All3Media International, boasts a stellar cast featuring Annabel Scholey (“The Split,” “The Serial Killer’s Wife,” “The Salisbury Poisonings”) and Colin Morgan (“Humans,” “Belfast,” “Dead Shot”). Other confirmed cast members include Kerri Quinn (“Hope Street”), Waj Ali (“Carnival Row”), Owen Roe (“Vikings”), and Niamh Walsh (“The Sandman”).

This compelling drama is brought to life by Three River Fiction and Vico Films, with crucial support from Screen Ireland, Northern Ireland Screen, and Coimisiún na Meán. Set against the backdrop of the border, filming will take place in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in the upcoming months.

The narrative kicks off with Cathy (played by Annabel Scholey) unexpectedly encountering Michael (portrayed by Colin Morgan) outside a supermarket with her young son. Michael is the man convicted of her brother’s brutal murder two decades prior. Ignoring advice from her closest confidante, Cathy delves into social media, unraveling the seemingly successful life Michael has built since his early release from prison—while she mourned her brother.

Haunted by her past, Cathy initiates a covert relationship with the man she despises, launching a campaign of harassment and deceit. As Cathy’s fixation intensifies, the line between dark revenge fantasies and reality blurs, propelling her into a psychological warfare mission to dismantle Michael’s life.

Colin Morgan says: “I’m delighted to be embarking on Colin Bateman’s dark, funny and compulsive new drama Dead And Buried. There’s a brilliant team working on this and it already feels incredibly exciting, I can’t wait for it to hit the screens and for it to pull viewers along its twisted path.”

Annabel Scholey says: “Cathy is a wonderfully complex character and I’m excited to be bringing her to life and to taking her to dark places with this brilliant team. Laura Way is a director I’ve worked with before and we have a wonderful shorthand, so it’s very exciting to be teaming up again for such a compelling story.”

Colin Bateman (Writer/Executive Producer) says: “Very excited that Dead and Buried is coming to television. It has been a fascinating journey from the original short story, to the one-woman stage show, and now expanded into an exciting four part drama. Although it has changed greatly, the actual conundrum at the heart of the story is universal and timeless – what do you do if you meet someone who has prospered after murdering one of your loved ones? Do you say something? Do you do something? How would you react?”

Eddie Doyle, Head of Commissioning, BBC Northern Ireland says: “Dead And Buried brings together the talents of writer Colin Bateman – the master of twisted plots and black comedy with a fabulous cast including lots of famous faces from Northern Ireland. We are delighted to have Virgin Media Television and All3 Media on board so audiences throughout the UK, Republic of Ireland and further afield can enjoy it when it hits our screens later this year.”

Anthony Nilan, Head of Content Strategy, Virgin Media Television says: “Dead and Buried is a confident, intense and ridiculously fun thriller that we can’t wait for audiences to see. We are thrilled to be partnering with BBC Northern Ireland and All3 Media to bring Colin Bateman’s vision to life with such an exciting cast. The show underpins our commitment to deliver brilliant home-produced drama with a distinct voice that we know viewers will love.”

Ben McGrath, Executive Producer for Three River Fiction says: “Dead and Buried is a gripping ‘edge of the seat’ noir thriller directed by the brilliant Laura Way, and told by a stellar cast led by Annabel Scholey and Colin Morgan. Colin Bateman has threaded his usual dark comedy through the fabric of this intimate portrayal of grief and obsession and we’re thrilled to be bringing such a thought-provoking story to the screen.”

Cormac Fox, Executive Producer for Vico Films says: “We are delighted to bring Colin Bateman’s adaptation of his play to life on screen, and to be working with such a brilliant cast and crew, supported by our incredible commissioners and funding partners.”

“Dead and Buried” promises to be a captivating addition to the television landscape, combining the talents of an exceptional cast with the dark, humorous touch of Colin Bateman’s storytelling. As the cameras roll on this intense drama, viewers can anticipate a gripping and unpredictable journey when it hits screens later this year.