Eight individuals find themselves lost when a boat sinks on Strangford Lough in April 1895. A new podcast series on BBC Sounds delves into the enigmatic circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

In the three-part podcast titled “The Mystery of Mount Stewart,” actor Kerri Quinn endeavors to untangle the events by retracing the route the boat took on that fateful day.

For Kerri, currently featured in the police drama “Hope Street,” this marked her initial venture into the realm of radio.

Kerri says: “Radio and TV are very different. I suppose with TV you rely on the face to do quite a bit of the work if you want to express emotion, but on radio it is all about the voice. You have to capture the mystery of what’s being said.

“Everything interested me about this story, because I hadn’t heard it before and it is history right on your doorstep. It’s the unknown, it’s the fact they are still looking for answers as to what happened and it still hasn’t been solved.

“Anything to do with an unsolved crime, I’m in. It’s a very tragic story of Lady Londonderry and her servants and what happened on that fateful day.”

In 1895, Theresa, Lady Londonderry, held a prominent position as a political influencer, spending part of the year at Mount Stewart House on the Strangford Lough shores in County Down.

As a gesture of appreciation for her most senior servants, who organized splendid social events for Mount Stewart estate guests, Theresa lends them her personal sailing boat.

The group embarks on an idyllic journey to one of Strangford Lough’s islands, but the boat vanishes without a trace, and eight individuals are missing, presumed dead.

From the head cook, Eliza Taunt, to the house steward, Joseph Grainge, the boat’s passengers ascended the Victorian social ladder, transforming from mere servants into more than that. Theresa and her husband regarded them as friends.

As time passed, some bodies began to surface. This captivating series explores the stories behind these lost lives, the impact of the tragedy on the Londonderry family and Theresa’s political ambitions, and the fate of the Mount Stewart estate.

Tune in to all three episodes starting Saturday, 23 December, on BBC Sounds. The first episode kicks off at 1.05 pm on BBC Radio Ulster on the same date.