Stacey Solomon is back with a festive Christmas special, where she, along with friends and family, collaborates to produce a fresh collection of cleverly crafted homemade gifts and decorations, aiming to spread joy without breaking the bank.

This year, Stacey plans to create an even greater number of gifts as she hosts a special Christmas party to express gratitude to the volunteers in her local area who have tirelessly worked throughout the year to assist those in need.

Juggling the task of keeping her five children entertained, Stacey welcomes all the help she can get. Joining forces with her sons, sister, the local Women’s Institute, and featuring a special appearance from her 90-plus-year-old grandmother, as well as professional organizer and co-star of Sort Your Life Out, Dilly Carter, it’s time for everyone to roll up their sleeves.

From crafting inventive, cost-effective creations such as Nutcracker figures crafted from household items to exquisite Christmas Pudding wreaths, handmade festive lanterns, and personalized presents, to foraging for decorations and creating a particularly special homemade gift for Joe, Stacey aims to pull off her most ambitious Christmas craft party to date.

Don’t miss Stacey Solomon’s Crafty Christmas, airing on BBC One and iPlayer on 14 December at 8 pm.