The campmates were preparing to make breakfast but the pans needed washing again.

Fred explained in the Bush Telegraph: “Nella and Josie didn’t put the pans away in the box last night, so what happened, they were left outside and rodents came in and went inside the pans because they could smell the food.”

Camp leader Sam sleepily said: “Any pots and pans that were left out last night need to be re-washed. Anything could crawl over it. It’s a health hazard.” 

Nick volunteered: “I’ll go wash it then.” 

Sam in the Bush Telegraph admitted: “I’m not very good at giving orders, I’m going to be honest with you. Had to do it, comes with the job title. Nella and Josie, they’ve done a lot of washing up already, I made the executive decision, anyone that wants to do it, they can do it. Nick actually took it because he’s a really good lad.” 

Elsewhere, Josie had a little cry in the toilet. 

Danielle went in to see her: “What’s the matter?”

Josie said: “I just miss my little boy. I shouldn’t have ever left him this long.”

Danielle comforted her: “100% you should, you’re showing him that you’re a strong mum, strong woman. So proud of you babe.”

Josie in the Bush Telegraph admitted: “Just had a little wobble. You just feel very guilty. I’ll never leave him this long again, ever.” 

Danielle told her: “I hate seeing you upset. You’re the best mum.” 

Back in camp, Sam farted. 

Tony jumped up: “I’m eating my breakfast. Nearly knocked my tash off my face… How long have you been with your girlfriend? Have you ever farted on her? So why would you do it to strangers then? I’m going to teach you some decorum.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Sam said: “I’m so sorry and I’m so embarrassed. My mum is going to kill me. Zara’s going to kill me. And it’s Tony Bellew and I want him to be my best mate.” 

Sam said to Tony: “How about this, this is because I’m sorry… [he sang] ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word… so sad, it’s a sad, sad situation and it’s getting more and more absurd… oh, it seems to me Tony, sorry seems to be the hardest word.’”

Tony said: “I have no words, sometimes. Sam you sound like you’re being poked with a hot stick.” 


Tony, Nick, Nella, Sam and Nigel were the next five campmates to face a Trial, with their critters chosen by the public. 

Ant asked if they aimed to beat yesterday’s five campmates: “Are you hoping to do better than them?” 

Sam said: “It’s a must.”

Tony insisted: “I’m starving.” 

Dec explained: “This is the Grim Gutter. You will all be strapped down inside this giant drain and within each section there are two stars that need to be unlocked. Now, the keys to those locks are in bunches on the rotating line above you. You need to remove the keys from the line and try them on your locks.” 

Ant continued: “However, only one key from each set of six will work on one of your locks. If a set of keys doesn’t work on either of your locks, you need to reattach it to the wire and send it round to someone else, as it may well work on theirs.”

He added: “Once you unlock a star you’ve got to put it in the red collection area there to win it. Only stars in the red collection area at the end of time will count.”

Dec noted: “You can stop your part in the Trial at any time by saying I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” 

Tony enthused: “That’s not an option, is it guys?”

Nick insisted: “No!” 

Ant said: “That’s a warning if ever I’ve heard one.” 

Dec continued: “However, you will forfeit any stars you have already unlocked. The other celebrities can still keep going and try and win their stars. 10 minutes to unlock all 10 stars.” 

Sam rallied: “Come on!” 

Dec said: “Before we start, let’s find out what the public have voted for to join you in there. Tony, you will be joined by snakes.”

Ant said: “Nick, you will be joined by snakes as well.” 

Nick reacted: “Oh no, oh mate!” 

Dec said: “Nella, You will be joined by cockroaches.” 

Ant said: “Sam, you will be joined by toads.”

Dec said: “Nigel, you will be joined by rats.” 

Tony reacted as a snake moved around him: “He’s massive!” 

Nella said to herself: “Don’t panic, don’t panic.” 

Tony tried a full set of keys and added them back to the pulley.  

Nick encouraged: “Keep steady, keep talking.” 

Nick told a worried Tony: “You’re bigger than him.”

Tony said: “I’m laying down, it’s as big as me!” 

As they all fumbled with the keys Nick encouraged: “Everybody calm down a little bit.” 

Ant said: “Nick Pickard, the voice of reason.” 

Nella said: “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.” 

Nick encouraged her: “Don’t worry Nells, don’t worry.”

Dec said: “Nella is out.”

Nella said: “I’m so sorry guys.” 

Ant confirmed: “7 stars you’re playing for now as she left some [keys] in there.”

Tony yelled: “I’ve got one.” 

Nick admitted: “I’m never going to be a locksmith.” 

As some of them unlocked their stars, Tony did too and celebrated: “I’ve done it! Course I’ve got another one, I’m the daddy!” 

Nigel shouted: “I need some keys!” 

Nick, Sam and Tony all got their two stars and waited for the time to count down, encouraging Nigel as Tony said: “Nigel, please come on mate!” 

Sam added: “Keep trying brother.”

At the end of time Nigel didn’t unlock any stars, while Nick, Tony and Sam’s two each resulted in a haul of six stars and six meals for camp. 

Tony said: “It’s worse than a horror movie.” 

Dec said to Nella: “It got a bit too much for you in there, what happened?”

Nella said: “I’ve done the cockroaches before, that’s why I was so angry that today I had them again.” 

Nick said: “She’s done so well!” 

Ant said: “Understandable.” 

Nigel added: “It’s nice to know what the British public think of me by sending in rats.”


Thinking about home, Josie said: “I cannot WAIT to get my electric toothbrush out!” 

Josie said: “I’ve got about four – I get a bit obsessed with things. I’m obsessed with buying calculators…”

Danielle: “Calculators? How many have you got?”

Josie: “Probably about 30. I don’t know why.”

In the Bush Telegraph she joked: “It comes out about twice a year to do my accounts, that’s it. And then still I don’t know what I’m doing.” 

Josie continued in camp: “And then I collect 50p pieces. I’ve got books of them. The Royal mint send me some 50p sometimes as they know I’m a keen collector. Bathroom scales, I went through a phase of that. Weird isn’t it? Jars, glass jars. I’m terrible.”

Danielle: “I do love a jar. I’m not going to lie. Everything in my house is all in jars. Dishwasher jars.”

Nick: “I do like a bit of tupperware. I’d have liked to have gone to one [a tupperware party]. They don’t do them anymore.” 


Nigel read a laminate revealing they were to vote for a new camp leader: “There have been a number of rule breaks in camp. As a result, Sam’s reign as leader will end. Any further rule breaks could result in the camp losing stars.” 

Nigel continued: “The next leader of the group will be chosen by a secret ballot. One by one please make your way up to the Bush Telegraph to cast your vote. As Sam has already been leader of the group, you cannot vote for him. When all the votes have been cast, the new leader will be announced. You must not discuss or reveal who you want to be the leader until the results have been declared.” 

Tony said: “Don’t break these rules guys as we’re going to lose stars.” 

Later Nigel counted the votes and Nick and Marvin got two votes each, Danielle, Nigel and Josie got one vote each and Nella got three making her the new camp leader. 

Camp cheered as Marvin bowed down to her joking: “Come on your majesty.” 

Nella laughed: “You’ve all lost your minds. This is the dumbest thing you could have ever done.” 

Nigel told her: “Your first duty is you have to choose a deputy and you must do so immediately.” 

Nella said: “I would like for my deputy to be Danielle.” 

At the creek Danielle and Nella nominated their campmates for chores. 

As they choose Fred and Nigel to do washing up, Danielle said: “They like it clean, they may as well do it themselves.” 

Nella said: “We need to put Nick on camp water and Tony chef.”

Danielle said: “He’s not going to like being chef.” 

They ultimately agreed: 

Camp chefs: Josie and Tony

Washing up: Fred and Nigel

Camp water and dunny duty: Nick and Sam

Camp maintenance: Marvin and Frankie 

Returning to camp with the board, Nella said: “Do not look so afraid, I’ve come to restore justice.”

Nella explained: “Josie has wanted to cook for two weeks but she’s been too scared to say anything. Josie, you’re camp chef. Tony you’re going to help with the fire.”

Josie laughed: “You any good at peeling, Tone?”

Nella said: “Washing up duty, we have Fred and Farage. You guys like to pick up things that people have cleaned, throw them on the muddy floor and tell them to wash it again. So now, unfortunately, roles reversed.” 

Nigel said: “Happy, happy with that.” 

Sam of dunny duty said: “I cannot wait.” 

Josie joked: “I only meant I wanted to cook one night! Just realised the reality of this situation…”

Sam said: “It’s a strong board.” 

Danielle noted: “Nobody can do what [chore] they’ve already done.” 

Nella learned Marvin, Nick and Tony had voted for her. 

Fred said: “At least the place will be clean now.”

Josie said: “I’m panicking a bit now, Nells. I’m not classically French trained!”  


The camp learned they’d face a group challenge for foodie treats. 

Josie read the laminate to explain: “Celebrities, today you will be playing ‘In Your Screams’ an opportunity to win each other’s favourite treats from home. First you must get into pairs and learn your partner’s scream. You will then make your way out of camp where you will have the opportunity to listen to every campmates’ scream. You will then decide which one belongs to your partner. If any of you matches the correct celebrity with their scream then you will win them a treat from home. Once you have chosen your partner you’ll have 15 mins to learn their scream.” 

Josie and Tony paired up, Nella and Danielle, Fred and Marvin, Frankie and Nigel and Sam and Nick. 

As they played, it was harder than they’d expected. 

As Danielle struggled she said: “That means we don’t even recognise our own voices, this is well hard!” 

Josie added: “This is really hard!” 

The first five tried with results as follows: 

Frankie got Nigel right 

Josie got Tony right 

Fred got Marvin wrong 

Danielle got Nella wrong 

Nick got Sam right 

The second five tried with results as follows: 

Tony got Josie wrong

Nella got Danielle right 

Sam got Nick right 

Nigel got Frankie right 

Marvin got Fred right 

As a result, Nigel’s treat was Rich tea biscuits, Tony’s treat was toffees, Sam’s was fruit pastels, Danielle’s was cola bottles, Nick’s was pear drops, Frankie’s was milk chocolate and Fred’s was salted cashew nuts. Josie, Marvin and Nella meanwhile didn’t get their treat. 

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