Channel 4.0 brings a dose of medieval-style justice in the all-new series ‘King Konan’s Trap Door,’ featuring rapper and judge of BBC Three’s ‘The Rap Game UK,’ Konan.

In this fresh three-part series, crafted by Ranga Bee Productions (Benjamin Green and Romesh Ranganathan), Konan joins forces with presenter and podcaster GK Barry, actor and rapper Michael Dapaah, and artist Specs Gonzalez to create a formidable quartet committed to resolving minor disputes among friends and family. Whether it’s two best friends feuding over Instagram pictures or a mother worried about her son’s extravagant spending habits, Konan and his team are ready to enforce the rules.

The medieval-style courtroom sets the stage for each person to present their case. If Konan disapproves of their argument, they face the consequence of descending through the trap door!

This exciting series follows closely on the heels of the announcement of the third season of the popular prank show, ‘Tapped Out,’ featuring Nella Rose, set to premiere early next year, as the viewership numbers continue to rise for the digital platform.

Evie Buckley, Digital Commissioning Editor and Channel 4.0 Lead said: “It’s really rare that an idea lands in my inbox and I’ve started laughing before I’ve even opened the deck. But when Ranga Bee pitched King Konan’s Trap Door, it was almost immediately a no brainer to commission. It’s a perfect 4.0 show. An extremely talented, caring, witty, silly creative crew. A mischievous, hilarious, and chemistry-full cast. And an almighty leader in Konan in a role we’ve never seen him in before.”

‘King Konan’s Trap Door’ was executive produced by Benjamin Green, series produced and executive produced by Shereen Docherty, line produced by Ruth Emerson, directed by Ricky Williams, and produced by Ranga Bee Productions in association with Konan’s Dancing Mood Productions. It was commissioned by Digital Commissioning Editor and Channel 4.0 Lead, Evie Buckley.

The premiere episode is available on Thursday, 14th December at 6 pm on the Channel 4.0 YouTube page.

The key figures overseeing Channel 4.0 are Head of Digital Commissioning, Sacha Khari, Digital Commissioning Editor, Evie Buckley, and Digital Commissioning Executive, Kaio Grizzelle. Audience development, publishing, and community engagement strategies are led by 4Studio, Channel 4’s social-first content and distribution powerhouse, collaborating with creators from across the UK to entertain young people with relevant content on their favourite social platforms.