Penistone put an end to Emley’s impressive run of 14 consecutive victories and a 19-game unbeaten streak in a match that should have been settled by half-time.

Penistone’s lone goal, one of their rare attacks, managed to beat Lambton, thanks to resolute defending that thwarted any promising chances Emley could muster.

After Emley’s dominant 9-2 victory over Bottesford last Saturday, one might have expected another goal-fest in today’s match. However, Penistone adeptly handled the Pewits’ in-form attacking threat. The visiting keeper made remarkable saves, denying Tracey’s team any points.

Emley asserted their dominance right from the start, applying immense pressure on the visitors. Despite the home team’s motivation and the support of the Emley faithful, the promising chances in the early minutes went unanswered.

Emley seized the opportunity to showcase their slick passing skills, forcing Penistone into a counter-attacking strategy throughout the entire 90 minutes. Penistone’s frustration was evident, leading to rash tackles and poor decisions by their outfield players.

Despite Emley’s first-half dominance in passing and movement, the finishing touch eluded them, leaving the scoreline goalless at half-time.

The second half continued with Emley’s dominance, and a notable battle between Gooden and Lenthall saw the latter cynically bringing down Gooden, earning a booking. The match followed a familiar pattern, with Emley controlling proceedings, but it was Penistone who broke the deadlock against the run of play.

As Emley pushed for an equalizer, Penistone defended resolutely, frustrating their opponents. Despite numerous chances for Emley, they couldn’t find the back of the net.

In the closing minutes, Emley threw more men forward in a desperate attempt to salvage at least a point, but Penistone held firm, securing a late Christmas present of three points against their local rivals.

In the end, the match concluded with a 1-0 victory for Penistone.