Healthcare professionals from Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust journeyed to Ghana to perform hernia operations in collaboration with the charity Operation Hernia during two missions aimed at aiding patients in need.

Mr. Adeshina Fawole, a Consultant General Surgeon and Trustee of Operation Hernia, along with Miss Hannah Welbourn, a Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, accompanied senior theatre practitioners Melanie Precious and Vicky Armitage to the Takoradi region in Ghana.

Simultaneously, Mr. Chris Macklin, a Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon, partnered with a colleague from Chesterfield Hospital on an Operation Hernia mission to the Baptist Medical Centre in the Nalerigu region of Ghana.

In total, over a hundred patients underwent surgery and received treatment for large and debilitating hernias, including six children, one of whom was just over a year old.

Mr Fawole said; “Operation Hernia aims to treat hernias in less privileged counties like Ghana where they can be quite common, and if left untreated can grow much larger than you see in the UK, so it is also a learning experience for us.

“It was a pleasure to be able to travel to Ghana and for us to do what we could to help improve the lives of others. We also provided some training for local doctors so they can carry out operations themselves and become self-sufficient.

“We operated on patients, including young children, who without the treatment could have gone on to have serious health problems that could be fatal. I am incredibly proud of our team who have been sacrificing their own time over the years to help people from less privileged areas of the world.”

In Africa, inguinal hernia repair stands out as one of the most common surgical procedures. Unfortunately, there are limited doctors trained to perform it, and patients often have to travel long distances for the necessary surgery.