The upcoming series, “Life Uncovered,” is set to delve into unconventional and often challenging lifestyles, as filmmaker and journalist Ben Zand immerses himself in extraordinary worlds. The aim is to comprehend the motivations behind these individuals’ choices and explore societal reactions to their extreme lifestyles.

Produced by Zandland, this five-part series follows Ben as he encounters a biohacker pushing the boundaries to enhance health and strive for eternal life, and an advocate of transmaxxing—a little-known and controversial practice where young men adopt female identities not because they identify as women but in pursuit of a perceived improvement in their lives. The series also sheds light on individuals opting for ‘physical donation’ of sperm. In the first episode, Ben engages with the infamous online personality, Oli London, to delve into his recent detransition and his new, somewhat contentious identity.

Oli London gained notoriety for spending over £200,000 on plastic surgery to transition into a Korean woman. Having now detransitioned, he has shifted his focus towards becoming a ‘masculine man’ and a right-wing commentator on US talk shows, while also expressing dissent against gender-reassignment surgeries. The series explores whether conflicting perspectives will compel Oli to reassess his life decisions and their impact on others.

Ben Zand, Filmmaker and Journalist said: “Life Uncovered is a series that only Channel 4 and Zandland could make. We get into the homes and behind the scenes of some of the UK’s most controversial and fringe communities, whilst seeking to understand their lives and challenge their way of thinking. The series sets out to find the nuance that’s sometimes missed in hot-button issues and to have conversations in a way that will make the audience think differently. The result is a series that’s educational, entertaining and avoids being judgemental or overly opinionated. I’m really proud of it!”

Laura Marks, Senior Digital Commissioning Editor said: “Life Uncovered offers an impartial and unparalleled look under the skin of some of the most hidden communities in modern society, driving conversations that are rarely had. Bold and deeply thought-provoking, we hope each film will encourage viewers to shape their own opinions as well as scrutinise the societal norms that inform their own life decisions.”

“Life Uncovered” was Executive Produced by Ben Zand and Josh Reynolds and produced by Zandland. It received commissioning from Senior Digital Commissioning Editor, Laura Marks.

Viewers can catch the first episode, “Life Uncovered: Detransition,” on Monday, 11th December, starting from 5 pm on the Channel 4 YouTube Documentaries Page.