A supporter of Leeds United has been issued a three-year football banning order following an incident involving offensive chanting during their match against Cardiff City.

Harry Keyes, 22 years old and residing on Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, was apprehended at Elland Road stadium on August 6 of this year. The police evidence gatherers observed him making aeroplane gestures, suspected to be a reference to the tragic plane crash that claimed the life of Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala in 2019.

Keyes faced a charge under Section 5 of the public order offence in connection with the mentioned incident. He entered a guilty plea and received a fine of £107, along with £85 in prosecution costs and a £43 victim surcharge. Additionally, an application for a three-year football banning order was granted during his sentencing at Leeds Magistrates Court.

Chief Inspector Pete Hall, who led the policing operation at the match, said: “Directing chants, comments or gestures that refer to tragic incidents at rival fans is highly offensive and can cause genuine distress to those affected by those incidents.

“It has absolutely no place in football, and people going to games should be in no doubt about how seriously the authorities and the clubs will treat any such incidents.

“We know that the majority of fans don’t want to see this type of behaviour and want to see firm action against those who engage in it.

“We will be continuing to work closely with Leeds United and visiting clubs to investigate any offences and respond appropriately, including seeking football banning orders against those involved.”