Jason Momoa comfortably settles into the CBeebies studio in his pyjamas as he delves into the children’s classic ‘Tiddler’ by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. This timeless tale unfolds the story of a small fish with an expansive imagination.

Jason says: “One of my favourite books that I read to my children as they were growing up was ‘The Gruffalo’, so I am very happy to read another amazing story by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler for a CBeebies Bedtime Story.”

Opening the story, the Aquaman star says: “I’m here to read you a Bedtime Story from my underwater kingdom. The sea is full of stories. I could tell you many tales of my amazing adventures in the sea, but I’m not the only one. Every creature in the ocean, from the mightiest whale to the tiniest tiddler, has their own tale to tell. And this book is about a very little fish who has some very big stories of his own.”

Scheduled for airing on Friday, 22nd December (6.50 pm, CBeebies and BBC iPlayer), Jason Momoa’s CBeebies Bedtime Story marks the culmination of a week featuring celebrity readings for this beloved programme.

The festive week commences on Monday, 18th December, with the ever-popular CBeebies Bedtime Story reader Tom Hardy presenting a fresh story. Recorded earlier in the year in his garden, Tom is accompanied by his French bulldog, Blue, as he reads ‘Tisha and the Blossom’ by Wendy Meddour and illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. In this bustling season, the book encourages us to pause and observe the world around us.

After reading the story, Tom says: “Tisha has taught me a great lesson, just slow down. The world can be a very, very busy place. Your mind can be full of sounds and pictures and just… busyness. So it is important to take your time to slow down and go at your own speed.”

Returning to CBeebies on Thursday, 21st December, musician Gaz Coombes reads ‘Ella May Does It Her Way’ by Mick Jackson and illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier—a delightful tale about a young girl who prefers to do things in her unique style.

Gaz says: “It was such a joy to read for the brilliant CBeebies Bedtime Stories again. This time it’s ‘Ella May Does It Her Way’. It’s a funny, sweet little tale that I hope you all enjoy hearing as much as I did reading it.”

On Friday, 22nd December, Jason Momoa captivates with ‘Tiddler,’ and the previously announced ‘The Invisible String’ is scheduled for Saturday, 23rd December, read by various members of the UK Armed Forces at their bases across the UK and around the world.

Christmas Eve brings Justin Fletcher as Father Christmas with a fresh rendition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore. On Christmas Day, Justin, accompanied by Dodge The Dog, reads ‘The Hospital Dog’ by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Sara Ogilvie at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.