The morning ahead of the first public vote off, Nella told Danielle in the leader and deputy bus: “I’m so nervous. I don’t want anyone to leave.”

Nella in the Bush Telegraph said: “Going to bed last night was so bittersweet. I kind of realised that this is the last time we’re going to sleep in this jungle altogether and as the days go by things are going to change drastically.”

Nella added to Danielle: “I don’t want anyone to leave, even Nigel and Fred, yeah. As annoying as they are, I love the drama. I live for it.”

Sam said in camp: “Well, well, well everybody, buckle up as it looks like it’s going to be quite a day.” 

Tony in the Bush Telegraph said: “The mood in camp this morning is a little bit different. We’re going to go from a 10 to a 9, people are feeling very apprehensive. I’m not going to lie, they look a bit nervous. But no-one knows; is it you, is it not you. Someone’s going this morning.” 

Fred said of Josie’s cooking that morning to Nick: “She’s the Frank Sinatra of chefs, she’s doing it her way.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Fred added: “There is no method, there is no technique she is just winging it and making it up as she goes along. It’s better if I look away and stay away from the kitchen because it just drives me crazy.” 

Tony said of the morning meal: “F***ing horrific. It’s proper just jail food this, just slop.” 

Nick said in the Bush Telegraph: “If I go out today, I certainly won’t miss the breakfast, put it that way.” 

Ant and Dec arrived in camp and Ant announced: “The first person to leave I’m A Celebrity 2023 as a result of the public vote is… Frankie.” 

Sam shouted: “Love you Frank!”

They all cheered Frankie as he left. And they said ‘beautiful’ altogether the way Frankie did. 


Later, Sam read a jungle laminate to everyone: “Hello everyone, I have a note. Today’s Trial is called the Celebrity Distressing Rooms. It is up to you to decide which celebrity takes part. One by one each celebrity should say if they want to do the Trial and why. Once everybody has spoken you can make the decision as a group, good luck.” 

Fred said: “I will go. I will go.”

Sam said: “You’ve got to stand up and explain why.” 

Fred said: “Because I haven’t done one yet. So, I’m going.” 

Tony replied: “Let’s just take our time and everyone have a little say of why they think they should do it before we just jump in and rush off. Chill out Freds.”

Fred said: “I’m going to go. I want to go because I want to go and do my best to bring the stars, to bring stars back for you. If everybody agrees that I’m going, then we’re done.” 

Tony said: “One at a time mate.”

Nella joked: “I’d love a day off lads.” 

Marvin said: “More than happy to do it, will do my best always.” 

Josie said: “Marvin and Fred haven’t done a Trial yet, so it’s basically…”

Sam asked: “Shall we do rock, paper, scissors?”

Fred said: “This camp has all been equal… it’s only fair I go. If you want me to go, just say. Can you vote for me? Thank you. I am delighted.”

In the Bush Telegraph Nick said: “I don’t think Fred was having anyone else do it today. From his perspective it’s like he’s not done anything. But doing the Trials is your way of really contributing to the group.”

Marvin in the Bush Telegraph said: “I was definitely up for doing it, but we just want to eat. Whoever is up for doing them should just crack on and do them. So yeah, the French man has spoken.”

Arriving at the Trial clearing Fred told hosts Ant and Dec: “I’m feeling great, I was always going to come here and do a Trial this morning because I haven’t done one, so it’s only fair that I volunteer for this.”

Dec said: “You were pretty determined to be today though, weren’t you?”

Fred said: “It’s fair, it’s the right thing to do. Lots of the other campmates have done lots of Trials, I haven’t done any yet. They have been voted by the public, so I said, let’s go.”

Ant noted: “You never like to sit still do you, Fred?”

Fred started doing push ups. 

Ant then explained the Trial: “This is celebrity distressing rooms. As you can see Fred, this Trial is made up of 5 dressing rooms that belong to actual celebrities.” 

Dec joked: “Kinda…” 

Ant continued: “You’ve got to search each dressing room to try and find stars. Once you get a star, all you’ve got to do is pop it in your star bag. Every star in your star bag at the end of time is a meal for camp. You’ll only have two minutes in each dressing room, so you’ll have to be quick. And there are 9 stars in total to find.” 

Dec said: “Beware, there might be a few surprises along the way.”

Fred said: “Let’s get on with it. Stop talking. You love to talk.” 

As he went to the first room he unveiled the name to be: Dame Judi Stench. 

He had two minutes to find one star in the room. As he found rotten veg and critters Dec said: “She’s left it in a right tip.”

Fred yelled: “The stench in here!”

Ant replied: “Dame Judi Stench, innit!”

Fred then faced searching for two stars, with two minutes inside ‘Rat’ Damon’s dressing room. 

As he searched around he was saying hello to the rats, but didn’t find any stars in the room. 

Next, he faced a room entitled, to the shock of host Dec, ‘Pecklan Donnelly’. 

Ant said: “Fred, you’ve got to be careful in here because what is it you hate [Dec]?”

Dec replied: “My worst fear? Pigeons.” 

As Fred raced around he hadn’t realised he’d unearthed a star and overlooked it. 

Ant yelled: “Fred, check properly!”

In amongst this room there was a portrait of Stephen Mulhern. Fred put his hand inside Stephen Mulhern’s face to unscrew another star. 

In the next dressing room, belonging to ‘Dolly Python’, Fred was warned by Dec: “Gentle and slow in this room…” 

Fred finds one in a wig but chucks a bag to one side that had a star in it. 

Ant reminded him: “Check things properly Fred!” 

In the ‘Bruce Sing-Steen’ room Fred faced green ants. And he ripped a guitar off the wall, through which he was meant to put his hand to find a star. 

Distracted around the room looking in other places Fred yelled: “This is disgusting! Where are they?”

Fred completed the Trial with seven out of nine stars. 

Fred said: “I’m disappointed I didn’t get nine.” 

He counted his stars out in French and Dec joined in. 

Ant said: “Voila!” 

Fred said: “I did my best, I really did.” 


Josie opted to try and make bean fritters for lunch.

Fred said in the Bush Telegraph: “She’s got no eggs, she’s got no flour, nothing but beans and oil… but I have stopped advising, I have stopped saying anything, I’m just going with the flow. Go on Josie, have fun.” 

As she started Josie found they didn’t fry like fritters and said: “Mission abort. Mission abort.”

Fred added in the Bush Telegraph: “Very quickly, obviously, she said, ‘I’m aborting the mission’. No s*** Sherlock.”

Josie admitted: “I think it’s going to taste rank.” 

Nick said: “It looks like a bean mash that’s just sort of semi-fried. We’ve got to give it a go.” 

Nick laughed in the Bush Telegraph: “You learn a lot of things through failure.” 

Nigel said: “It was a near fritter.”


Miffed to learn that Marvin has been teaching Sam more JLS moves, Nella insisted on having an X Factor-style audition in camp. 

Marvin is himself as a judge, Nick becomes Simon Cowell and Josie is nominated to be Sharon Osbourne. 

Nella said: “Me and Sam are going to go head-to-head and you’re going to tell me who is making it to the JLS back-up dancers.”

Watching Nella dance Josie said: “That girl has got the moves. Proper snake hips. If I was in a band I’d snatch her up in a jiffy.” 

Sam admitted: “Can’t beat that.”

In the Bush Telegraph he added: “Nella can move! I nearly gave up, I nearly threw the towel in.” 

Sam started singing JLS song Everybody In Love and danced.

Josie said: “He’s like half chippendale, half JLS member.”

In the Bush Telegraph Marvin said: “I think Sam would give his right arm to be on stage with JLS at some point. Who knows? Who knows what could happen.”

Being the panel, Marvin said: “Let’s go down the line, what do you think Sharon?”

Josie as Sharon said to Nella: “I’ve never seen moves like it. I thought you had more moves than Beyoncé.”

Nick as Simon said: “I thought it was a great effort Nella. I think Sam edged it a bit though, darling.” 

Guest judge Tony as Adele said: “I thought the movement from Nella was exceptional. I thought the hip rotation of Sam was so underrated and so unprofessional it made it absolutely outstanding. Bravo on both performances.”

Marvin then said: “You’ve clearly rehearsed a lot. But, guys, it’s not good news… It’s great news – you’re through!”


Elsewhere in camp, Nella asked Tony: “How come you retired from boxing?”

Tony said: “My body stopped me. It’s so dangerous. It’s brutal.”

He added: “Boxing is the most damaging sport in the world…a professional boxer, it’s estimated that he will get hit in the head 50,000 times a year… that’s going to catch up with me at some point. I can accept that, I knew it when I got into it… I know what I’m signing up for.”

“If tomorrow I go into a coma because of the punches I’ve took, that’s on me. That’s no-one else. I’m not suing no-one, it ain’t their fault.”

He added: “I used to say to my wife, I’m going to get hurt at some point. She would know. You’ve got to accept.”

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