Payments have been distributed to households benefiting from Council Tax Reduction (a reduction in Council Tax payments for those with low incomes) to assist low-income families in coping with the escalating cost of living, specifically addressing energy and food expenses.

Each eligible household will receive a payment of £100. In cases where households have children included in their Council Tax Reduction claim, an additional payment of £40 per child will be granted.

These payments are being financed through the Government’s Household Support Fund.

Residents were not required to apply for these payments, as they have been automatically processed based on our records for those who meet the criteria.

All eligible individuals will receive their payment by 11th December 2023. For those who pay Council Tax via Direct Debit, the payment has been transferred to the corresponding bank account. Alternatively, a Post Office Voucher has been issued to those not using Direct Debit.

For additional details on payments and their disbursement, a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section is available on the council website. To access this information, simply search for Household Support Fund at Further assistance and information on managing the cost of living are also accessible at

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “This money is being used to support the residents that need it the most and help them with energy and food costs during this difficult time. I would encourage residents who don’t pay by direct debit to look out for the letter with the voucher. It should arrive in a white envelope marked “this is not a circular” please ensure that you open the letter and use the voucher and collect the payment to help with increasing costs.”