The Traitors: Uncloaked stands as a fresh visual podcast hosted by the acclaimed stand-up comedian and presenter, Ed Gamble. Aimed at fans of the highly successful show, The Traitors, the podcast offers an in-depth exploration of the episodes and exclusive insights into the ousted and deceased participants.

Following the latest episode of The Traitors on BBC One, produced by Studio Lambert, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in discussions led by Ed, featuring cast members and celebrity guests. The podcast provides comprehensive analysis and reactions to the most recent betrayals, mind games, and manipulations. The all-access visual podcast will be accessible on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, with an extended version available on BBC Sounds.

Crafted by Listen, each episode includes an exclusive interview with the contestants who face banishment and demise, along with bonus unreleased footage where they learn the identity of the Traitors for the first time. The anticipation lies in discovering their reactions upon uncovering the identities of those who betrayed them.

The episodes will be broadcast on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, with an extended version on BBC Sounds featuring additional guests, deeper theories, and essential analyses.

Ed Gamble says: “The first series of The Traitors was my absolute obsession, and I cannot wait to delve deep into series 2 and dissect all the twists and turns it has to offer. It goes without saying that I am 100% faithful.”

Louise Kattenhorn, Commissioning Executive for BBC Sounds says: “The Traitors is a show that EVERYONE is going to be talking about and this visualised podcast will be like joining the ultimate group chat, with cast members and celebrity guest fans revelling in all the drama and gameplay along with superfan Ed Gamble. On top of that, we have footage of the moment banished and murdered players found out who the Traitors were amongst them – I can’t wait!”

Suzy Grant, Executive Producer at Listen says: “Just like The Traitors we’ve been keeping our own secret and we’re delighted to be making the official visualised podcast. At Listen we’re taking companion podcasts to the next level in this hugely ambitious new show which will demonstrate the real power of podcasting. The special full-length version will go live on BBC Sounds and then alongside will broadcast on BBC Two and be available to stream on iPlayer. There’s nothing out there like it and we can’t wait to start recording, cloaks optional.”

“The Traitors: Uncloaked” is a Listen production for BBC Sounds, BBC Two, and BBC iPlayer. The commissioning executive for BBC Sounds is Louise Kattenhorn, and the Commissioners for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer are Neil McCallum and Syeda Irtizaali. The producers are David Manero, Georgia Arundell, and Aidan Judd. The Executive Producer is Suzy Grant, and the Director is Andy Wood.

“The Traitors” and “The Traitors: Uncloaked” are set to launch on the BBC in early 2024.