Around 30 mosques in Dewsbury have united to collect £5,000 aimed at improving the experience for young patients at Dewsbury Hospital’s Children’s Assessment Unit. The funds were utilized to purchase two cutting-edge gaming carts, generously equipped with a Nintendo Switch and an Xbox One, from the local gaming charity RockinR.

These gaming carts are designed for easy transport within the hospital, with the goal of creating a more enjoyable and comforting environment for young patients on the ward. The inclusion of both a Nintendo Switch and an Xbox One ensures a diverse gaming experience, catering to various preferences and ages.

RockinR is renowned for its dedication to utilizing the power of gaming to enhance the lives of individuals facing challenges and its mission to bring joy and entertainment to those in need.

Imam Farook Yunus coordinating the work of Dewsbury Mosques said; “Embracing the fundamental teachings of our religion, we are taught the profound duty to care for the sick, as Islam beautifully emphasizes.

“Just as the sun rises every day, visiting the sick becomes an act of compassion that radiates healing and love.

“We aim to help nurture the hearts of children, ensuring the right upbringing, awakening their awareness of blessings bestowed upon them, and teaching them to always show gratitude.”

Keith Ramsay, Chairman for Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust said; “On behalf of the Trust I say thank you to everyone who contributed to this fundraiser which embodies the spirit of unity and compassion that defines Dewsbury.

“Gaming has the unique ability to provide a sense of normalcy and joy. The escapism it allows helps young patients and their families to navigate through difficult and challenging times. We have been fortunate enough to receive donated gaming carts from the RockinR in the past and have witnessed how they can improve the well-being of our young patients.

“We are very grateful to the mosque leaders for making this initiative happen.”

All charitable donations to Mid Yorkshire Teaching NHS Trust are managed by MY Hospitals Charity, which raises and allocates funds to enhance the services provided by the Trust and fund additional items of expenditure not otherwise covered by the NHS.