From inside the camp bus Josie screamed for Nigel’s help after a huge spider crawled down the window. 

Josie yelled: “It’s right by the door!” 

As Nigel opened the door, it ran out and Josie shouted: “It’s out, it’s out!”

Nigel calmly replied before walking away: “It’s out? Good.” 

For breakfast, the campmates were celebrating last night’s challenge win and got breakfast baps and tea. 

Sam said: “Tea and butties, come on. It’s like being at home.” 

Danielle said: “We had ketchup brown sauce, eggs, normal bacon!” 

Nigel said: “It was delicious. It was a taste of home. I’ve missed tea and coffee more than alcohol to be honest with you.”

After learning she’d been voted out, Danielle said: “I will eat for all of you and I will give big hugs to all the families.”

Sam said: “You’ve been the best ‘sister’.”

Marvin in the Bush Telegraph said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know her the last few weeks. She’s going to be heavily missed.”

Tony said: “Well done Tinkerbell, keep smiling.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Tony added: “Danielle brought a warmness to camp. A glow. Everytime you see her you smile.”

Upset, Josie said: “I’m just totally gobsmacked.” 

Josie added in the Bush Telegraph: “Now, I’m the only female in town. Now, I’m doing it for the ladies.”

Sam said to Tony: “We get more days together!”


Josie is now camp leader by default and she took a seat in her throne as Marvin brought news that the latest Trial was Christmas-themed. 

Josie said: “I’m going to do it. If you want me to do it, I’ll do it.”

Tony asked: “Are you going to be scared of anything that’s landed on you? Because right now we need stars?”

Josie said: “I’m scared of all of it… but you feel like you need to win stars and maybe I’ve not got the minerals.”

Nigel explained his reasons for wanting to go saying: “I did a lot of Bushtucker Trials in the early phases, you boys have now caught up. So it’s my turn. My turn, simple as that.”

Marvin said: “I’m happy to do it.”

Tony said: “I’m the same.”

Josie said: “I feel like I need to prove myself a bit now.” 

Nigel said: “Josie, you don’t need to. You’ve got to go into this saying I’m not frightened of whatever they’re going to throw at me. If you can’t say… then you shouldn’t do it, is my view.” 

Josie replied: “I was saying I want to prove myself and you were going, ‘You shouldn’t do it, you shouldn’t do it.’”

Nigel said: “You’re proving yourself by being here.” 

Sam said separately: “Josie, if you want to do it, you do it.”

Josie said: “No, it’s alright. Let Nige do it, he wants the air time.”

In the Bush Telegraph Josie said: “I should have fought my corner a bit more but he wants the airtime because he wants to prove himself to the nation.”

Decisions made, Marvin and Nigel are greeted by a festive scene at the Trial clearing. 

Dec said: “We’ve pulled out all the stops.” 

Ant explained: “A very Merry Christmas you two, because this is ‘Have Yourself A Grotty Little Christmas’. Ho, ho, ho…” 

Dec joked: “That sounds quite sinister!” 

Ant replied: “It was quite sinister. You will be taking part in the jungle version of a traditional Christmas dinner. You will attempt to win stars over three rounds. We’ll tell you how to win them just before we start each round. There are five stars up for grabs and of course every star you win is a meal for camp.”

Dec said: “You can skip a round if you don’t like the sound of it. But once you’ve skipped it, you can’t go back to it. You can stop the Trial completely by saying I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and we’ll stop the Trial but it’ll be over for both of you and any further stars will then be lost. And you don’t have to do it. You can turn back.”

In the first round they had to search for stars as the trimmings dropped on them. There were two stars to find. 

Dec said: “Only stars in your stocking at the end of the Trial will count.”

As the offal and fish guts and more dropped, Dec said: “They’re not fresh, they’re rotten.”

When Marvin found the first star, Dec said: “Get it in your stocking!” 

Marvin yelled: “Urg, they stink!” 

Marvin found the second star in the last five seconds of round one. 

In the second round, they lay in a giant container shaped like a cracker. Crackers and critters dropped on them. They had to pull the crackers to find the only one containing a star.

Completing that they moved onto round 3: The Pudding Of Peril. 

Ant explained: “The first star will be hidden in the Christmas presents that fall on top of you. To bring those Christmas presents down, we need you to sing along to some karaoke Christmas songs.”

Marvin and Nigel sang Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Ant and Dec joined in. 

They got coal in the first presents before eventually finding a star. 

Finally they faced a drinking challenge. 

Nigel said: “This is my speciality, drinking!” 

Dec said: “You have to take the raw fish eyes and squeeze them to get the juice out of them using only your mouths. The juice will then strain into the glass. You need to fill the glass to the red line and then it’s down the hatch. Then you drink it to earn the final star.”

Marvin joked: “Couldn’t feel more festive.”

Nigel said: “Very salty.” 

Marvin added: “This is really bad, boys.”

Dec said: “I for one am feeling very Christmassy.” 

At the end the duo had won 5/5 stars. 


In the bus Nigel and Josie were chatting. 

Nigel said: “Where I have the problem is my right hand doesn’t do directly what the brain tells it to do. I even find writing quite hard.”

Josie said: “Is that from the plane crash?”

Nigel replied: “The plane crash. Because of the spinal cord being bruised.”

Josie asked: “Did your life flash before your eyes?”

Nigel said: “Do you know what I thought about? Women.”

Josie asked: “Women? Really? Which one you loved the most?”

Nigel replied: “All that stuff, yeah. Children obviously and just thought, ‘Let’s hope this is over quickly.’”

Josie said: “You just think you’re about to die and all you think about is love.”

Nigel replied: “Very interesting.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Josie said: “The thing is he said women, not woman.”

Nigel continued in the bus: “Then it was bang, cartwheeling through the air and then stuck, upside down in the seat, everything broken, in a bad way. Then I thought, if I get through this it’ll be a miracle. After that, I never let little things annoy me.”

Josie said: “You see the bigger picture now. Did you take a step back from work?”

Nigel explained: “No, straight back to work. I was back in the European Parliament. Shouldn’t have been, I still had broken ribs. Do you know what? I’m the biggest name the European Parliament’s ever had; in terms of international news that I made. I put them on the map globally. I said to them one Christmas, ‘You should all be grateful to me, I’ve made you all famous.’”

Nigel continued: “As I walked down into the chamber, they’d all look – ‘What’s he got this time? What’s he going to do to us today?’ Of course I miss the theatre of that, but it’s of its moment. It’s a big mistake in life to look back and have regrets. It’s pointless. It’s negative, got to look ahead.”

He said: “For the MEPs, it’s an amazing lifestyle. You get to the airport, there’s a chauffeur driven mercedes waiting for you. You want to go out for dinner the chauffeur takes you. You get 300 euros a day spending money, cash. The members dining room, wonderful crab and lobster buffets… yeah! Every day! The Ukip table was often the noisiest in there because we drank and had a laugh. People looking at us in horror. And if you’re an MEP the power that you have is incredible. You are treated like the elite. Women throwing themselves at you.”

Josie asked: “Really? What a nightmare it must have been for you, Nige.”

Nigel said: “Terrible, awful.”

In the Bush Telegraph Josie said: “I wouldn’t have thought that Nigel would be the lady magnet that he is but sounds like to me he’s had to bat them off at one point. Yeah…”


The campmates’ friends and families surprised them in camp by sneaking in to meet them. 

Josie’s friend Mia was waiting to see her in Snake Rock and she said: “It feels like forever without my right arm to be honest with you.. it’s going to be magical.”

Josie screamed and they hugged as Josie cried. 

Mia said: “You’ve done so well!” 

They spun each other around. 

Mia updated Josie on son Reggie: “He’s seen koalas, he’d fed kangaroos. He’s collecting seashells.”

Mia joked: “You smell beautiful by the way. You smell like feet!”

Josie laughed: “I look like Robinson Crusoe!”

Elsewhere Isabelle was waiting to see her dad Nigel. 

She said: “I’m incredibly proud of my dad, I did not expect him to do this well. All of the family have been watching every single night, we’ve loved watching it. Even the arguments because that’s who he is, that’s what he’s like. But I just can’t wait to see him now.”

Nigel walked round the corner and said: “Hello! I don’t believe it! How are you, love?”

Seeing she was crying he added: “What’s the matter?”

Isabelle replied: “Just happy to see you.” 

Nigel said: “Happy to see you darling… Wow, what a shock. Didn’t expect this at all!”

Nigel told her: “We’ve had a few political arguments. I haven’t started any of them.”

She laughed: “That’s nice for once, nice change. Everyone’s good, everyone sends their love.”

Nigel asked: “What about my parents?”

Isabelle said: “Grandma and grandpa they watch it every night.”

She added: “They loved seeing your bare bottom on the telly. A shock, but no, it was funny. I think the highlight was the vomit fruit pizza. Dad, it was hilarious.”

Nigel said: “That was vile.” 

Sam was also reunited with his best friend Pete. 

Pete said: “As horrible as it is for me to say, I actually miss him.”

Seeing him, Sam ran and jumped into his arms. 

Pete said: “I’ve missed you.” 

Sam said: “You smell like Pete!” 

Pete replied: “You smell like you woke up in a wheelie bin.”

Sam said: “I’ve missed him so much. I think it’s the best day of my life.”

Pete joked: “I’ve got a few things to discuss – Tony and Marvin….”

Sam said: “I can’t wait for you to meet Tony.”

Pete said: “You haven’t got them tattooed on your arm have you!” 

He added: “The cats miss you, Zara asked me to give this to you – a nose bop.”  

Marvin’s wife Rochelle snuck into an empty main camp and sat in the camp leader chair. 

Rochelle said to herself: “This is mad. I’m so nervous, what the hell.”

Walking in and seeing her Marvin exclaimed: “Oh my god!”  

Hugging he said: “That feels so good.”

Rochelle said: “I’m so ready for you to come home.”  

Rochelle added: “You really stink. Really stink.”

Marvin asked: “How are the kids?”

Rochelle replied: “Everyone’s so good.”

Rochelle said: “I weirdly feel like I’m on a blind date, I feel like I’m a fan because I’ve been watching you on telly every night.”

Marvin hugged her and said: “I’m so grateful for everything in my life. This makes you so, so, so grateful. I know it sounds cheesy but it is life-changing, it really is.” 

Tony’s wife Rachael was waiting to see him and said: “I’m super excited to see him, I can’t wait. Longest we’ve been apart without contact.”

She told him: “The kids miss ya. They can’t wait to see ya.” 

Rachael added: “They’re all dead proud of ya.”

Tony said: “This will stick with me more than any moment I’ve had in the jungle.” 

Rachael then asked: “Just dead quick, before I forget, where’s the plug for the leccy toothbrush?”

Later the campmates sat together discussing seeing their friends and family and what it meant to them as the finale draws near. 

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