Channel 4 and Onyx Collective have unveiled a sneak peek and fresh visuals from the highly anticipated forthcoming adaptation of “Queenie,” based on Candice Carty-Williams’ bestselling novel. The eight-episode drama is set to broadcast on Channel 4 and Hulu in 2024, featuring Dionne Brown (known for “Criminal Record” and “The Walk-In”) in the lead role.

Meet Queenie Jenkins, a 25-year-old Jamaican British woman navigating the intersections of two cultures, fitting into neither seamlessly. A steadfast resident of South London, a journalist, a loyal friend, a not-so-loyal daughter and granddaughter, occasionally a catastrophist, sometimes a mess, but predominantly an underappreciated success – consistently, and without exception, enough.

“Queenie” is a razor-sharp, brutally honest, hilariously witty, and deeply relatable series, resonating with as much heart and soul as its eponymous character. At its essence, it delves into the value of a young Black woman and the relentless trials and tribulations of life.

Following a tumultuous breakup with her long-time boyfriend Tom, portrayed by Jon Pointing (“Big Boys”), Queenie seeks solace in all the wrong places and realises she must confront her past head-on before rebuilding.

Samuel Adewunmi (“Secret Invasion” and “You Don’t Know Me”) embodies Frank, a man with his own van and ambitious life plans, rooted in his community, having known Queenie since their high school days. Bellah marks her screen debut as Kyazike, Queenie’s enduring best friend from school.

Sally Phillips (“Bridget Jones”) takes on the role of Gina, the tough editor at Queenie’s workplace, The Daily Read. Tilly Keeper (“You”) assumes the character of Darcy, Elisha Applebaum (“Fate: The Winx Saga”) plays Cassandra, Queenie’s university best friend, and Mim Shaikh (“Informer”) portrays the lively Adi.

For Queenie’s family, Llewella Gideon is Grandma Veronica (“GameFace”), Michelle Greenidge plays Aunty Maggie (“After Life”), and Cristale De’Abreu makes her TV debut as Queenie’s little cousin Diana. Joseph Marcell (“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) has recently been revealed as Grandad Wilfred.

New additions to the cast include Joseph Ollman (“Domina”), Melissa Johns (“Grantchester”), and Laura Whitmore (“Sadhbh”).

“Queenie” was conceived by Candice Carty-Williams, who also assumes the roles of showrunner and executive producer. The series, commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Drama Caroline Hollick and Commissioning Editor Gemma Boswell, was produced by Further South Productions in collaboration with Lionsgate TV. The writing team includes Candice Carty-Williams, Ryan Calais Cameron, Yolanda Mercy, Natasha Brown, and Thara Popoola, with direction by Joelle Mae David and Makalla McPherson. Executive producers are Further South’s Steve November and Sarah Conroy, with Lisa Walters as co-executive producer and series producer. The score is crafted by Ivor Novello-nominated producer Swindle.

“Queenie” is scheduled to premiere in 2024 on Channel 4 in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, exclusively streaming on Hulu in the U.S., Star+ in Latin America, and Disney+ in all other territories.