Josie woke up and remembered she’s now the camp chef. 

Josie said: “I feel like I’ve got big responsibility now.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Nick said: “Last night, chef Fred found it hard handing the reins over to chef Tony and Josie. This morning’s breakfast service, it’s going to be interesting how he’s going to cope because I don’t think he did too well last night.”

In camp Fred asked Josie: “Did you do the beans, Josie. Did you soak them?”

Josie replied: “No.” 

Fred guided Tony about the pan placement on the fire too saying: “Put it flat Tony, you’ve got to make sure it’s flat. Not quite flat…”  

Fred in the Bush Telegraph said: “Today, Tony and Josie are going to cook their first breakfast. Breakfast is basically boiled rice. But there is a way to cook the rice. If not, the rice tastes bitter and it’s really unpleasant in the morning, so hopefully they’ll get it right.”

Fred asked in camp: “Josie, is the rice cooked? How far are we from…” 

Josie answered: “It’s boiling up. It’s still a bit hard.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Josie said: “Me and Tony are the chefs. He’s a pot wash now. He’s got to give the reins over to me. It’s only me and Tony can fit on that horse. No Fred.”

Elsewhere, Danielle woke Sam up tickling his neck with a leaf. 

Sam reacted: “That really got me! I felt something.” 

Danielle said: “It’s the little things that keep you going. He soon woke up then. He was really scared.”

Meanwhile, sous chef Tony said in the Bush Telegraph: “Fred’s going to do what Fred’s going to do. He’s a chef and he’s hovering over us while we’re cooking. I know it’s slightly annoying Josie and I’m telling you, it’ll get a reaction soon enough. Just sit back and enjoy your popcorn and wait for the… [mimics fireworks].” 

Josie went into the bus to tell new camp leader Nella: “He’s really getting involved all the time.” 

Nella replied: “My whole thing is, we came to the jungle to have fun and do new experiences and everybody should be able to try new things. If you want to cook…” 

Josie said: “He’s not cooking anymore and I don’t think he’ll grasp it.”

In the Bush Telegraph Nella said: “It’s just rice. I’m not going crazy, it’s just rice. I’m going back to sleep.” 

Marvin said of the rice: “I think this could be the cooking duo we never knew we needed.” 

Nigel said: “Yeah, bloody good guys, really bloody good.” 

Danielle added: “That is actually one of the best breakfasts.” 

Nigel in the Bush Telegraph said: “Breakfast is straightforward, it’s dinner that’s the challenge. It’s what comes down in that bag. A mixture of fruits and vegetables you’ve never even heard of and then knowing what to do with them. But if she needs advice, there’s good professional advice from Fred and others on hand.” 

At the creek Nigel and Fred washed up. 

Fred said: “I couldn’t think of a better person to do that with, Nigel.” 

Nigel replied: “It’s fine, it’s great.”

Fred said: “I know you’re going to do it, not mess around.” 

Nigel said: “No, do it properly.”

Fred said in the Bush Telegraph: “Washing up is by far my least favourite job. But every single job has to be done. They all have to be done to a standard. I’m going to perform and I’m going to deliver and everything is going to be spotless and clean.”


As Tony arrived at the Bushtucker Trial clearing he saw a giant replica snake waiting for him. 

Ant explained: “Tony, this is Eaten Alive. You are going to be eaten alive by this giant snake. Once you’re inside the snake you’ve got to make your way through its digestive system and out through the other end, out through its rectum. The stars are hidden in and amongst all of the intestines. There are 10 stars and you’ve got 10 minutes to find them. Every star in the star bag at the end of time is a meal for camp.” 

Dec added: “However, there might be a few surprises along the way. You can stop the Trial at any time by saying I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! And we’ll get you out there. But that means you’ll forfeit any further stars. You don’t have to do it. You can head back to camp. But you will be going back empty handed.” 

As Tony prepared to go into the snake he encouraged himself by shadow boxing and saying: “Come on lad.” 

Crawling down the snake’s throat and into the stomach, Tony first found rotten fruit and veg. 

Tony said: “The smell… the smell… oh god…” 

Struggling to find the second star in amongst the rotten food, Tony skipped it and moved onto the next part of the snake. 

Here Tony was in with snakes, and Ant said: “I reckon you’ve conquered your fear of snakes now.” 

Tony replied: “I don’t know, my heartrate says different.”

As he continued to work his way through the intestines, facing rats and spiders Ant said of his family watching at home: “Will the lads have voted for you to do a Trial?”

Tony replied: “Yeah, of course they will!” 

Managing to secure 9/10 stars Tony excited via the mock snake’s rectum. 

As he stood up Tony referenced Gladiator as he yelled: “Is this all you’ve got for me? Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?” 

And summing it up in one word, Tony described the Trial as: “Disgusting.” 


Frankie had a question for Nigel and said: “Ask Trump to get Joe Exotic out.” 

Nigel replied: “What out of prison? Amazing the power an American President has. That pardon is a really powerful tool. He’s pardoned a few people. All American Presidents do. Our Prime Minister doesn’t have any power like that at all.” 

Fred said: “They can bestow honours.” 

Nigel: “Honours he can give, yeah.”

Fred said: “Being in the House of Lords you get a paycheck every year.” 

Nigel: “Well, you don’t, you get a cheque every day. You get £300 a day for turning up, yeah.”

Frankie joked: “That pays for lunch.”

Nigel said: “I went to the House of Lords about two months ago, a guy I served with in the late 90s and early 00s in Brussels invited me to lunch. I said, ‘What’s it like here?’ He said, ‘It’s the best retirement home in the country.’ He said, ‘I get a taxi in every morning, I do a little paperwork, sign in for the money, go for lunch in the subsidised dining room’ and it’s old fashioned English food, it’s roast, it’s really cheap. They go into the House of Lords at 2.30pm for the opening of debates or whatever it is and then p*** off home. That’s it done.” 

Nick who said he’s also been added: “Really cheap! A piece of toast is like 5p.” 

Sam in the Bush Telegraph said: “You don’t need a cheap canteen in the House of Lords. I would like to go. Apparently the food’s quite good!” 

Nigel said of the House of Lords: “It’s a throwback that needs modernising. It’s been stuffed full of people who have given parties money. Pretty corrupt stuff really. But for those that are in there, it’s a fantastic life.” 

Nick in the Bush Telegraph said: “You’ve also got to remember it’s his side of everything, so you’ve got to go with a balanced opinion, but it is quite interesting. He’s not telling porkies, he’s just telling his side of the story.” 

Nigel said: “Mind you, we got that in Brussels. That was our daily spending allowance, 300 euros a day. In my case Sam, it got more than spent.” 


When Frankie and Josie arrived at the challenge area today, they heard a message from Kiosk Kev explaining what they needed to do: “G’day celebrities. Today, you must create the perfect pattern in blocks. One of you will be locked inside a wendy house while the other one is trying to recreate the pattern by moving the blocks on sticks. If you can re-create all three patters by the time the sand timer runs out, you can won those dingo dollars. Good luck.”

Frankie opted to go into the houses first while Josie made the patterns. Then they swapped. 

Josie admitted: “If I was a horse, I don’t think you’d bet on me right now, Franks.” 

However, with a bit of teamwork the duo managed to complete the task, win the Dingo Dollars and visit Kiosk Kev. 

Frankie said to him at his ice cream van: “Look what we’ve got, some Dingo Dollars.” 

Seeing the prize on offer Josie said: “Crumpets and butter, Frank! And I can toast them on the fire.” 

Josie told Kiosk Kev: “I could get lost in those eyes.” 

The question to camp was: 

Which of the following stories about Frankie is NOT true

A) He was kicked in the shins by Queen Elizabeth’s racing manager

B) He broke Royal protocol by kissing Camilla on the cheek

C) He arrived at Prince Charles’ 75th birthday inside a pantomime horse

Camp got the question right – C – and so Frankie and Josie could return victorious. 

Josie said: “What a purchase, thanks Kev!”

When they returned, camp went wild and prepared to toast their winnings. 


Following Tony’s 9/10 star efforts, the dinner bag arrived in camp, inside which the celebrities found an eel. 

Josie said: “I was excited until I found it was eel!” 

Seeing its size Sam reacted: “Oh my god!”

Josie asked: “You’re joking?”

Frankie enthused: “It’s fabulous – have you tried it?”

Fred talked Josie and Tony through what needed to be removed and what could be cooked.  

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