Frankie was carrying out his chores and spotted a snake. He dodged it on the path and said to it, “Hi snake.”

In the Bush Telegraph he explained: “I had to go down and get some wood and who was there to greet me? A nice lovely snake.”

He added: “It took me by surprise actually when I first saw him, but in the jungle you’ve got to have eyes everywhere.” 

Frankie told camp: “I got delayed because a snake was in the way.” 

Tony asked: “Where is it?”

Frankie said: “In the creek.” 

Tony replied: “Don’t need that!” 

Tony said in Bush Telegraph: “If I’d have spotted that snake this morning, the scream… “

Meanwhile, as Josie added some leftover eel into the rice for breakfast, Nigel said: “I wonder how many people at home have had eel risotto for breakfast. From an environmental perspective, the way we’re fishing some of the oceans is not very clever.” 

Tony concurred: “We’re destroying the oceans.”

Nigel said: “I spoke about it in parliament.” 

Fred said: “I’m sure you did.”

Nigel started: “A combination of European greed…”

Interrupting each other, Fred said: “It’s not just European greed, you’ve got to stop saying that. Because it’s the world who is overfishing. You’ve got to stop saying European greed in all of this. This is just not right Nigel.” 

Nigel said: “I can assure you…” 

Fred said: “You’re fixated on this and you keep on with this narrative.” 

Fred said in the Bush Telegraph: “He never answers the questions. But do you know why? Because he’s talking b*****.”  

Elsewhere around camp, Sam tried to get Tony to grab a leaf off of him before he moved it. 

Watching on, Nigel said: “It’s like an 8-year-old. They’re always looking for mischief.”

Fred said: “I find it very funny, very entertaining. Otherwise it’d be boring.” 

Nigel said: “Oh I know, but it never stops.” 

Fred said: “Yeah, that’s great. What matters is that he’s a nice man.”

Nigel replied: “No, no totally.”

Fred said: “Not very good at getting the water though. Yesterday Nick did it by himself.” 

Nigel agreed: “He’s done f*** all.” 

Danielle said to Sam: “Come here, come here, Nigel was like, he’s done f*** all.”

Sam jumped to action: “Nick, shall I go and get some water?” 

In the Bush Telegraph Sam said: “Nigel, what a d***, proper ratted me out. I want to help the camp but I’m really forgetful so I just won’t remember to do it. I feel a bit guilty.” 

When he came back into camp with water Nigel said: “Well done.” 

Sam said to Nick: “I need you to tell me if I’m not doing enough.” 

Offering to get more water, Nigel said to Sam: “I think you’ve done it now for the day, that’s fine.” 


Referring to Fred’s wedding, Marvin asked: “What’s your first dance with your wife?”

Fred replied: “We haven’t decided. I’m going to leave it to her, she’s going to decide. As long as she’s happy, I’m going to be happy. Do you know what I mean? It’s a celebration of life. I’m going to make it a big party, man. I want it to be like a Jamaican festival. You know, like different stations everywhere.”

Fred added: “Actually I can’t wait to see her, I really can’t wait to see her.” 

Marvin said of his wife Rochelle: “When you haven’t spoken for so long, I feel like my love for her has grown even more.” 

Fred replied: “I know, it’s exactly how I feel.” 

Marvin said: “You know they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? It’s very, very true.” 

Marvin in the Bush Telegraph said: “Rochelle, I desperately miss her. She’s my best friend and there’s so much I want to talk to her about and tell her about. That is definitely the hardest part of this. Not being able to share my days with my best friend.” 

He added to Fred: “I know, when I see her and I hold her for the first time, she will feel the love. It’ll just come through just how much I’ve missed her, you know? It’s crazy man. Never in our life will we go through this again.” 

Fred said: “As you were talking I almost welled up. I need to do my push ups now.” 

Marvin replied: “Sorry Fred!” 


Sunbathing in camp, Josie said: “I’ve broken so many bones when I’ve been drunk.”

Nick asked: “Have ya?” 

Josie explained: “I had a house party and I decided to play combat rolling over the sofa. I broke my arm in so many places… instead of going to the hospital, I just left it and put a pillow over it for the rest of the party. By the time I did actually go to the hospital, because I was so hanging, they had to re-break it. Then I fell out of a nightclub and broke my ankle.”

Nigel commented: “Josie, I can top all of that – I got run over!” 

Josie replied: “Nige, I’ve never known anyone like it: You’ve been in a car accident, you’ve got run over, you’ve been in an aeroplane accident.” 

Nigel laughed: “Still here!”

Josie said: “You’ve got nine lives!” 

As Nigel took his top off to sunbathe too, Josie said: “Cor Nige, look at that bod, it’s coming on. All those water runs. Two more weeks in here and I reckon you could have a six pack.”

Fred said: “Nigel, you are also taking the sun. Got sunglasses, taking the sun, hairy chest out, all you need is a medallion around your chest. Nigel, you could have a medallion with a B – Brexit. Gold, with diamonds.” 

Nigel laughed: “Yeah, yeah.” 

Fred quietly asked Marvin: “Has Nigel got a nipple piercing on his left nipple?”

Marvin shouted over to Nigel: “Nigel, have you got a nipple piercing?”

Nigel laughed: “What are you talking about? Of course I f***ing haven’t.” 

Danielle joked: “Nige, I would love it if you have your nipple pierced… There’s a piercing shop near us when we go back.” 

Nigel laughed: “I’m not bloody going!” 


After Nella had found out she’d be taking on the next Trial, Tony told her: “You’re stronger than you think, Nella. You are so strong.” 

Josie in Bush Telegraph said: “That pressure is very, very hard for anybody.” 

Nella in camp asked: “Guys, can we meditate?”

She added: “Everybody just say ‘hummm’ again and again and again. We close our eyes.” 

Nella chanted: “Nothing in there can hurt me, hummmmmmmm.”

While they were doing it Sam put a leaf in Tony’s ear. 

Thinking it was a bug in his ear Tony said: “Sam, I will kick your a***, you silly boy.” 

Of the meditation Nella said: “Why does that help? So weird.” 

Marvin said: “Good vibrations.” 

Arriving at the Trial clearing Ant said: “Why do you think the public voted for you?”

Nella replied: “I couldn’t tell you. I genuinely don’t know. It’s either I’m doing good or I’m doing bad. But at this point it is what it is.”

Ant said: “Listen, Tony got 9/10 yesterday, you’d like to do the same again?”

Nella said: “Pressure is on, but I’m going to go in and try my best and try my best not to panic. Fingers crossed, yes.”

Dec explained: “This is Fright at the Museum. You have to search inside the jungle museum for stars that are hidden within the exhibits. When you find a star, get it in your star bag. Only stars that are in your star bag at the end of the Trial will count. However, this museum hasn’t been open for years, so it is pretty dark in there. It’s pitch black is what I’m trying to say. You’re going to have to search around to try and feel for the stars. It’s just 10 minutes to find 10 stars.”

Ant said: “You can stop the Trial at any point by saying, ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here’ but any further stars will be forfeit. You don’t have to do the Trial, Nella. But I reckon you’re determined?”

As she began unscrewing the stars Dec said: “Remember, righty tighty, lefty loosey.” 

As she continued round and was showered with critters Nella said: “Ok, this is going to be hard!” 

Nella told herself: “Take it slow, lefty loosey!”

Dec said: “Steady, steady.” 

Nella said to herself: “Don’t panic, Nells, don’t panic! It’s OK Nella, you’ve been through worse, you’ve been through worse!”

Continuing to encourage herself as she added stars to her bag, Nella said: “You’re good Nella you’re doing great!”

Ant said: “You’re doing really well Nella, well done.” 

As Nella knocked over some of the exhibits Ant said: “She’s ruining this place. They’re priceless!”

Nella shouted: “We’re hungry and we’re doing this for Tony Bellew because he’s the best.”

As she knocked another exhibit over, Dec said: “She’s making me jump!” 

Having got 9/10 stars, Ant said: “Now you’ve got to get in the tunnel.”

Nella said: “Nah, f*** that. Confined spaces in the dark.”

Dec said: “One more to get, come on!”

Nella said: “Nah bro, this is confined space. This is pitch black and that’s a confined space, bro.” 

Ant encouraged: “Nella, I don’t think anyone’s got a full house yet, imagine if it was you! You might as well try.” 

Dec added: “One minute, there’s one star in there. You can do it Nella!”

Nella said: “I know what’s in there! I felt a web!” 

Ant said: “That’s right, it’s spiders.” 

Exiting with 9/10 stars Nella said: “It was very scary. I’m shaking. Fear of the unknown. I just remembered, Tony, he really believes in me and he thinks I’m the strongest woman on the planet, confined space, you lot pushed it with that. In the jet black, no. But me and Tony Bellew neck and neck.”

She added: “Guys, I’m super proud of myself. Normally when I get scared I tend to run away. This time, I stuck through with it and we get to eat.” 

Learning the good news back in camp Tony said in the Bush Telegraph: “It couldn’t have happened to a better person. She’s gone in there, she’s bossed it. She’s made everyone proud, including herself.”


Last night the campmates faced a challenge to win each other’s letters from home. 

Round one saw Danielle, Nick, Frankie, Sam and Nigel work together to win the other five campmates’ mail. 

Sam read the instructions which said: “Celebrities, in front of you are five letters from home. Throughout the game each letter will move towards a shredder, one arrow at a time. Next to the letters is the ball run. The ball run consists of five pieces of pipe, one for each of you. The pipes can only be moved up and down by pulling on the ropes. For every ball you successfully transfer from one side of the ball run, to the other, a red light will come on and you will win one of the letters from home. You will have 15 minutes in total to win as many letters as you can. You should now decide the order the letters should be saved. Starting in position one for the most valuable down to position five, which will be the last letter saved.”

The celebrities risked the letters being shredded if they weren’t quick enough. 

They opted to put the letters in the order with Nella in position one through to Fred as follows: Nella, Marvin, Josie, Tony, Fred

Frankie said: “The key was patience, steady hands and do it slowly.”

They successfully won all of the letters. 

Next, Marvin, Fred, Nella, Josie and Tony played for the former five’s letters. 

They opted to put the letters in the order with Danielle in position one through to Sam as follows: Danielle, Nick, Nigel, Frankie, Sam.

They also won all of the letters. 

Marvin said: “It took a while to get the gameplay right but once we got there we then found our rhythm.”

Later in camp they read their letters to each other. 

The campmates read their letters from home to each other around the fire. 

Nick read Fred’s from his family. It read: “Hi Papa, we miss seeing your face every day and hearing your loud laugh. But it gives us so much comfort to see you on the TV every evening.

Tony read Sam’s from his girlfriend Zara: It’s your Goose here. Keep shining, keep lighting up the camp in your special way and know just how beautiful a person everyone thinks you are.” 

Josie read Nigel’s letter from his four children: “To Dad, you’ve achieved so much over the years but nothing has made us prouder than showing people who you really are. Why are we not shocked at you effortlessly sinking those dirty pints?”

Sam read Tony’s letter from wife Rachael: “Hey Ant, we love you so much and Carson keeps asking for you – sometimes kindness and support has shown the world the real you. I can’t believe you did the drinking Trial, don’t expect me to kiss you.”

Nigel read Josie’s letter from son Reggie: “Hello Mummy, I hope you are having the best time in the jungle, I have been watching you at home with Daddy. The snakes and spiders look scary mummy, but you are doing a good job. I love you and miss you.”

For Danielle her letter was read by Nella: “Dear Danielle, I’m shocked how many fears you are conquering. Keep being you and let the world see how kind hearted and supportive you are. You and Josie absolutely smashed that Trial, you’ve always been our Tinkerbell. We love you,Nan and Grandad, are both so proud of you and watch you every night.” 

Marvin’s letter from Rochelle read: “Hey baby, Blake is talking so much more and has been telling his friends at nursery that his dad now ‘works in the jungle’.

“It’s so weird not having my best mate here. Love Roch, Alaia, Valle and Blake.”

Danielle read Nella’s letter from godmother Deborah: “Hey Nells, we want you to know just how immensely proud of you we all are. You’re a shining example for all of us. An inspiration in every sense of the word. Every night we get together and watch you take on the scary Trials and challenges. We all miss you so much and cannot wait to give you all big hugs when we see you. 

Marvin read for Nick from his partner Sarah: “Hi babe, we’ve not yet seen any hunger tantrums from you yet. So here’s to you being cured of your midnight feasts. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you.” 

Fred read Frankie’s letter from his wife Catherine: “Honey, I’ve missed you more than I could ever have imagined. You are doing brilliantly and the fact that you faced two of your biggest fears reminds us of how strong and determined you are.” 

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