BBC Three has unveiled a new documentary titled “What’s Really in Your Vape?” (working title).

Produced by Northern Child, the documentary will feature BBC Radio 1 presenter Jordan North in his inaugural role as a documentary host. North delves into the reality behind the vaping trend in the UK.

The prevalence of vaping among young people has surged in recent years, with annual sales in the UK exceeding £1.3 billion. However, there remains uncertainty about the composition of these vaping products. What materials are used in their production, and where are they manufactured? What substances are present in the liquid, and how much nicotine do they actually contain? Which vapes are legally sold, and which ones operate outside the legal framework?

As a vaper himself, Jordan North seeks answers to these pressing questions. The documentary not only includes encounters with scientists conducting advanced testing on vapes but also features researchers examining the potential long-term effects of vaping. Additionally, North explores the issue of illegal vapes in the UK. How extensive is the market for illicit products? What is their origin, and who is responsible for their distribution? Furthermore, the documentary investigates the potential dangers associated with these illegal vapes.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the project, Jordan North states, “I’m really excited to be back on BBC Three. I’ve always wanted to make a documentary, and I’m genuinely interested in this subject. As a vaper myself, I’m eager to uncover what exactly is inside my vape!”

Andrew Eastel, Executive Producer says: “Vaping has become incredibly popular in the UK. Not just with those trying to quit smoking, and especially amongst younger people. So, it’s more important than ever for us to have a better understanding of what’s actually inside a vape; how they are made and where they come from, the types or brands of vapes that may pose a risk, and whether there could be longer term implications for the health of people who vape? Jordan is the ideal person to help us answer these questions. He’s naturally inquisitive and open-minded – without being preachy – and as someone who vapes himself, he has a vested interest in getting to the truth.”

Nasfim Haque, Head of Content of BBC Three says: “Jordan is the perfect guide for this fascinating and insightful new documentary as he takes a deep dive into the rapidly expanding phenomenon of vaping and showcases his findings to viewers on BBC Three and iPlayer.”

“What’s Really in Your Vape?” is scheduled for broadcast on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer in early 2024. This 30-minute documentary is a Northern Child Production for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, originating from Newcastle. Andrew Eastel serves as the Executive Producer, with Katie Elliott as the Producer and Simon Rawles as the Director. Mark Harrison, in charge of Current Affairs, is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC.