BBC Radio 4 has introduced a new comedy podcast feed named Jokes, consolidating selected highlights from the station’s original comedy content into one convenient platform. Accessible for subscription on BBC Sounds and through RSS, Jokes will amalgamate fresh series with noteworthy moments from the archives, offering comedy enthusiasts an effortless means to discover the latest material from their preferred comedians.

Kicking off the podcast feed is Nora Meadows’ Week of Wellness, a sitcom featuring Katy Wix as a therapist striving to guide her clients (and herself) towards wellness. This series, a collaborative venture between BBC Comedy and Radio 4, follows a non-broadcast pilot conducted last year.

Jokes is also set to include additional co-commissions from television, such as Icklewick FM, crafted and performed by Amy Gledhill and Chris Cantrill of The Delightful Sausage. Situated in a fictional Yorkshire radio station, the show revolves around the residents of Icklewick as they delve into significant contemporary issues, settle old disputes, and engage in scandalous gossip.

These two series, jointly commissioned by both BBC TV and Radio, were chosen by the commissioning teams to initially cultivate the format and characters through audio, with the potential for a television adaptation in the future.

Julia McKenzie, Comedy and Entertainment Commissioner, BBC Radio 4, says: “I am so excited to be launching this podcast strand that will complement our current offering of two other popular podcast feeds – Friday Night Comedy and Comedy of the Week. Jokes is the place where I can curate a selection of premium comedy content so that it’s easier for people to locate past and current gems. Thrilled to kick it off with a brand new collaboration with my TV comedy colleagues. Nora Meadows is brilliantly observed and very funny.”

Jon Petrie, Director Comedy Commissioning at the BBC says: “Some of the UK’s most cherished characters conquered audio before successfully transferring to TV. We’re looking forward to working with Julia and the podcast team to unearth some comedy gems.”

Jokes is scheduled to go live on BBC Sounds at 23:30 on Wednesday 6 December. The feed will also launch with Jess Fostekew: Sturdy Girl Club (2023) and Phil Wang’s award-winning special Wangsplaining (from 2019).