Visitors will have the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the de Brécy Tondo at a presentation scheduled for Saturday, 18th November, from 2pm to 3.30pm, at Bradford Council’s Cartwright Hall.

Although the event is free, it is imperative to make a booking. Please contact Cartwright Hall reception at 01274 431212 to secure your place.

For over 40 years, the de Brécy Tondo has been a subject of extensive research and discussion due to its striking resemblance to Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. Recent analysis, utilising artificial intelligence-assisted computer-based facial recognition, has demonstrated that the faces in the paintings are identical to those in Raphael’s renowned altarpiece.

Professors Hassan Ugail and Howell Edwards from the University of Bradford will share insights from their research on the painting.

This presentation will complement the current display of the de Brécy Tondo in the sculpture court at Cartwright Hall. It will shed light on the investigative efforts being undertaken at the University of Bradford to unveil the hidden facets of the painting.

The two professors who have been closely involved with this artwork will elucidate the analytical techniques they have employed in their examination of the Tondo. Their objective is to officially attribute the painting to the Renaissance master, Raphael.

Howell Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Molecular Spectroscopy at the University of Bradford, will discuss the testing conducted to identify the pigments, binders, and support materials used in the painting.

Professor Hassan Ugail, a professor of visual computing at the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics at the University of Bradford, will elaborate on his work in developing an Artificial Intelligence program capable of delving into the painting’s intricate structure and comparing it with authenticated works by Raphael.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, remarked, “The artwork has received incredibly positive feedback from visitors to Cartwright Hall, so I’m delighted that we are able to host this event, providing a captivating and in-depth look into the work that has been carried out on this intriguing artwork.”

The de Brécy Tondo will be on display at Cartwright Hall until 3rd January 2024. Further information can be found here: