After last night’s loss the Away team – Tony, Nigel, Marvin, Grace, Josie and Nick – were back in the Scarena to find out who was taking on the latest Trial, Down Your Sorrows. 

Of their mood, Marvin admitted: “Deflated.” 

Josie said of the final playoff score: “Really honestly thought we had that.”

Tony jokingly added: “I’d still rather see a VAR situation to be honest.”

Ant laughed: “He’s not having it!” 

Ant continued: “You know as a result of losing today, two of you must face a Trial because later today the camps will merge, so this is your chance to feed all of the celebrities in camp tonight.” 

Dec continued: “The public have decided the celebrities they want to see face Down Your Sorrows are Nigel and Tony.” 

Dec asked: “Nigel, why do you think the public have chosen you today?”

Nigel said: “I don’t know. I’ve been surprised I haven’t been picked more during the week to be honest with you. So, here I am.”

Of also being picked Tony said: “I have no idea, mate. They just want to see a big dopey scouser… drink a load of crap.” 

Dec said: “You both know what you have to do, it’s a drinking Trial.”  

Nigel joked: “I suspect this may be rather different to my normal tipple.” 

Dec laughed: “I suspect you might be right.” 

Ant explained: “This is Down Your Sorrows. It’s a drinking Trial, 12 rounds, 12 stars up for grabs. You’ll each take it in turns to pick a shield from our sporting hall of fame and flip it over to reveal a drink. You’ve then got to drink that drink to earn the star. There are 12 drinks in total because there are 12 people in camp.”  

Tony was up first and he picked: “My hero… Mike Tyson.” 

Turning over the shield, he learned his drink was titled: ‘Mike Flyson’ and that it was blended fly pupae. 

Forcing it down, Tony eventually said after finishing it: “Least I’ve eaten, guys.” 

Nigel then picked current reigning Queen of the Jungle, Jill Scott, which became ‘Jill Snot’.  

This was a drink of blended pigs’ nose.  

Josie encouraged Nigel: “Pretend it’s a pint!”  

Nigel said: “If I was served this, I would send this back.” 

Tony then said: “What’s going to be the fastest drink to drink? Usain Bolt.”

This became ‘U-Brain Bolt’ and was blended sheep brain. 

After finishing it, Tony said: “That’s alright, I like lamb.” He added: “Tastes like stale yoghurt.” 

Nigel then chose Rory McIlroy, which was turned into ‘Gory McIlroy’ and was blended crocodile feet, which he downed in one. 

Ian Wright became ‘Ian Fright’ for Tony, which was blended cockroaches. He joked: “Didn’t affect me” as he finished it. 

Nigel picked Jack Grealish, who he dubbed a “class act” – which became ‘Crack Grealish’ and was blended cows’ anus. 

Tony then picked Venus Williams. It was unveiled as ‘Penis Williams’. He was served blended bulls’ penis. 

Tony said: “I don’t think I can drink this… I can pass it to Nigel?”

Tony was reminded he can choose to pass and lose a star, but not pass it on to Nigel. He continued to drink it instead. 

Ant encouraged: “Stop thinking about it.”

Tony replied: “I can’t, it’s in my mouth!” 

For Nigel, Paula Radcliffe became ‘Balla Radcliffe’ and was blended goat testicles. Nigel drank it quickly. 

Ant exclaimed: “Look at him go, he’s a machine! Look at that!” 

Nigel said: “The truth is, it’s vile.”  

Next for Tony, Kelly Holmes became ‘Smelly Holmes’, which was blended vomit fruit 

Tony vomited after finishing it. 

Greg Rusedski became ‘Egg Rusedski’ for Nigel, which was blended, fermented duck egg. 

Nigel described it as: “Utterly repulsive.” 

Instantly regretting his choice, Tony then picked Tom Daley which became ‘Tom Scaley’ and was blended mudfish. 

Ant asked of his tactic of smelling it first: “Why do you smell it?”

Tony said: “The worst thing to do would be to be put it straight in your mouth and get the smell in my mouth.”

Tony continued: “That is the saltiest stuff… oh my god!”

Finally for Nigel, Gareth Bale became ‘Gareth Snail’ and Nigel completed it meaning the pair had won all 12 stars for camp. 


Returning to camp victorious the Home team found a table set up covered in plates full of scrambled and eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit, toast, orange juice and more. 

Sam said: “That table was absolutely packed with food!”

Frankie admitted: “The pile of food! There was food there for 10 people, not 6!” 

Danielle said as she ate: “This is so good.” 

Frankie said: “First time I saw Sam quiet!” 

In the Bush Telegraph Fred said: “I’ve had some very good breakfasts in my life, but this one was top. There was scrambled eggs, fried eggs, the fat of the bacon, I can still taste it in my mouth, it was heaven.”

Nella exclaimed: “Seasoning!” 

Jamie Lynn said: “I’ve had a wonderful time in this camp, you’re all really lovely. I love the guys in the other camp, too.” 

She added: “It was better than any meal I’ve had in my whole entire life. And not only was it wonderful, but I was sharing it with the people who I really care about.”

Fred said: “I think we should keep some of the bacon to cook with the beans later.” 

Jamie Lynn admitted: “Fred is quite the scavenger. He goes and he finds the butter, the salt, the pepper, rosemary, thyme, bacon and he mixes it in the bean stock.” 

Fred said: “These beans are going to be amazing!” 


In camp, Sam asked Jamie Lynn: “Do Britney’s kids really like you? Are you like the cool aunt? Do you think she’s watching you on this?”

Jamie Lynn said: “I can imagine she’d be worried about me on here. I think she’s probably checking in on me heavily. I do think she’s probably like, ‘Why would she do that?’ She asked me that before I came here, she was like, ‘You’re really going to do it?’ I was like, ‘I’m going to go to Australia and check it out.’ My crying, she’d probably be like, ‘Ya’ll get her the f*** out of there, right now!’ She’s a good big sister, she is. Yeah, I love her. Me and her throw down. The world’s seen that. I’ve learned to stop talking about it publicly, but you know what, family’s fight. Listen, we just do it better than most.” 

Sam replied: “But everyone does man. Everyone’s got stuff they argue about all the time.” 

Jamie Lynn said: “Me and her both have had a very complicated upbringing. We’ve had very complicated circumstances and we both had to deal with them in different ways. Sometimes we took it out on each other when perhaps we shouldn’t have. I’ve never, ever… I’ve been the one person in her life – and she can say this – I’ve never taken anything from her, you know? I’ve been the one person in her life who’s always said, ‘I just want to be your sister’. 

“We just had a really weird life so we can’t explain it to many people, but at the end of the road I know that that’s my family, I love them.” 

Danielle then interrupted camp with some news from the Bush Telegraph. Reading the laminate out loud she said: “Guys… Home team, as winners of the breakfast of champions you are only allowed to eat the food. You must not share anything with the Away team. Any food you have taken or used to flavour the rice and beans must be consumed now, or handed in. If you have not consumed or handed in all of the food by the time they return there will be consequences, including the possible loss of stars from today’s Trial.”

Jamie Lynn said: “We had to double stuff our faces. Willingly!” 

As they ate the beans, Nella said: “This is like having the Beyoncé of beans!” 


As the two camps merged Sam admitted: “I’m so excited for Tony Bellew!”

Returning to main camp, Josie said: “Feels so good to be back. I forgot how much I love this camp. It’s just got an energy about it that’s magic.”

Nick finding the bus in camp said: “That’s fantastic!” He joked to his former Coach Tony, “That’s where [Coach] Frankie got to sleep. They’ve done you proper!”  

Josie started getting to know Frankie and asked: “How did you feel when you got your statue?”

Frankie replied: “Embarrassing!”

Josie asked: “Are you joking?”

Frankie said: “Yeah, I feel embarrassed actually.” 

Josie then asked Nella: “Are you and Fred friends yet?”

Nella said: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” 

Josie said: “Oh good. I knew you’d iron it out. I bet you get on really well now. I knew that would happen.” 

Tony meanwhile told Sam about the Trial and said: “We got 12 stars.”

Celebrating, Sam asked: “Can I hug you or not?”

Tony replied: “Course you can mate. Yeah, we’ve got 12.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Sam said: “I’ve watched a tonne of his fights. He’s bigger in real life, he’s a unit.”

Sam told Tony: “If you need anything!”

Tony replied: “Thank you very much.” 

Fred continued to show Tony around and then said in the Bush Telegraph: “Sam is so excited that Tony Bellew has arrived in the jungle. He can’t believe his eyes and he can’t believe his ears.”

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