I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is back. Ten celebrities have ditched their creature comforts for camp critters and tackling life in the Australian bush.

This year’s celebrities are Actress & Singer Jamie Lynn Spears, TV personality and Radio DJ Sam Thompson, This Morning host Josie Gibson, TV presenter Fred Sirieix, YouTuber Nella Rose, GB News host and ex politician Nigel Farage, Food Critic Grace Dent, Pop star and TV presenter Marvin Humes, EastEnders star Danielle Harold and Hollyoaks Icon Nick Pickard.


Nick spotted that there was a hole in their rubbish bag in the morning.

Nigel asked: “You joking?”

Nick replied: “Something’s had a gnaw at that.”

Nigel noted: “Well, it’s bloody stupid.”

Nigel in Bush Telegraph said: “It all got a bit slack, it all got a bit slovenly, leading to an error which was a food bag being left out overnight, which clearly had been attacked by a vermin of some kind.”

Nige added in camp: “That wasn’t very clever. Everything else was done apart from that. But it’s our own bloody fault… We just must not ever make that mistake about the rubbish again, that was really bad.”

Fred replied: “I think everyone was knackered yesterday and then all the rules went out of the window. It was just the emotions were heightened.”

Nigel admitted of Jamie Lynn: “I thought she was going to go.”

Fred said: “She’s definitely strong. What she’s done in her life is no mean feat. She left home when she was 16, she emancipated herself.”

Josie, fumbling the word, asked: “Is that what ‘e-masturbation’ is?”

Later on that morning Fred and Marvin worked out together using rocks.

They then started singing their own jungle song: “Jungle living, living in a jungle…”

Fred laughed: “It could be a Christmas hit!”

As Mervin headed up to the shower where Josie was washing her clothes, Josie exclaimed: “Bloody hell Marv is that your body? How many times a week do you work out? Jesus!”

Marvin laughed: “Coz I’m not eating babe, I’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Josie in the Bush Telegraph said: “First it was Nigel Farage’s bum, now Marvin’s six pack… loads of surprises. Just don’t know what’s going to come next.”


Nella told Grace she doesn’t follow through with things explaining: “I’ve never, ever in my life started something and finished it. Ever. I always quit, or I always sign on short term or if I don’t like it I can leave… this is the one thing I said I’m going to try and stick it through but I can already see myself… if I get in my head too much…”

Grace asked: “Do you bolt, you run the minute things start to pick up?”

Nella said: “When I was younger I was put in a lot of situations that I had no control over. I was sad and miserable. So now that I have the control over my happiness and the things I want to do I think I’m kind of, I’ve become obsessed with it: ‘Oh, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.’”

Nella in Bush Telegraph added: “Whenever I feel uncomfortable, whenever I feel sad I do tend to leave. I do tend to not carry things through if I feel uncomfortable. So the fact I’ve lasted in the jungle for this long is astonishing.”

Nella told Grace: “I used to have so much discipline but that was when I was in a bad space. Lack of self discipline got me from a size 12 to a size 20. Literally my dad passed, I locked myself in the house for two months, I drank every single day and ate every single day and I gained it all and it was pandemic.”

Nella admitted: “If Jamie left yesterday I would have been right behind her… I’m leaving. I just don’t want to be the first.”


Arriving at the Trial clearing, Jamie Lynn said of how she was feeling: “I’ve been better. But I’ve got my teammates behind me, so that’s keeping me motivated.”

Host Ant asked: “Why do you think you were voted for by the British public?”

Jamie Lynn replied: “Because I maybe cry a lot… I don’t know. Maybe the UK’s giving me an opportunity to give back to my campmates because I do think I’ve been the one struggling a bit more here. So they’ve given me so much support I’d love to return the favour.”

Host Dec explained: “This is Climb of Cruelty. You have to climb from the bottom to the top of that rig, collecting the stars as you go. Every time you unclip a star, you clip it to yourself. Each star you collect is worth a meal for camp. You’ve got 10 minutes to make your way up there. You can expect a few surprises along the way.”

Jamie Lynn insisted: “I want to do the Trial.”

Ant joked: “You can say, ‘No thanks, y’all!’”

The contraption rose up and once in place Jamie Lynn made short work of getting the first couple of stars.

Ant exclaimed: “Look at that, she’s rapid! She’s not bothered!”

As she tackled a see-saw mid-way through, Dec added: “Light on her feet!”

Ant said: “She’s a dancer, she’s got balance!”

Jamie Lynn spoke to herself as she went along saying as she reached the 5th level, 90ft in the air: “I just want to be done with this.”

Reaching 100ft in the air for the final star, Jamie Lynn walked out onto a plank before jumping to catch the final 10th star.

Triumphantly returning to the ground with 10/10 stars and meals for camp Jamie Lynn said: “All I was thinking about was, ‘You’ve got hungry campmates’.”

Learning she finished it with time to spare, Jamie Lynn joked: “Can we have those minutes for something else?”

Jamie Lynn admitted her campmates won’t have expected her to get all 10 saying: “I think they were saying, ‘You’re going to do it’ but thinking, ‘No way, she’s been crying for five days straight, it ain’t happening’ so I’m really, really happy that I get to come back and bring them the joyous 10 stars.”

She added: “I might cry a lot but I can come and do this.”


Sam quizzed Nigel in camp asking: “Who is your favourite Prime Minister ever in your lifetime?”

Nigel said: “Really, in my lifetime, two Prime Ministers who’ve been really strong, who’ve changed the country: one’s Thatcher and one’s Blair. I didn’t like the way Blair changed the country at all but I have to admit he was a strong leader. Margaret was a very strong leader. They were tough times, but she changed the country completely.”

Danielle asked Nigel: “Would you ever want to run?”

Nigel replied: “I don’t know. We’ll see. Depends how much of a mess the country gets in. I honestly don’t know. It’s not an easy job.”


At the creek, Josie asked Fred to choose between his on-screen co-stars Gordon Ramsay and Gino D’Acampo saying: “I’ve got to ask, who is your favourite? Gino or Gordon?”

Fred laughed: “Let me tell you… Gordon is always right and Gino is never wrong. And I’m stuck in the middle. It’s the maddest trio ever.”

Josie joked in the Bush Telegraph: “He didn’t give a straight answer, I suppose it would be like me picking my favourite co-host at work… Alison…”

Fred asked Josie: “When you were on Big Brother, did you think it was going to lead to what you’re doing now?”

Josie replied: “Never in a million years, no. I wrote a bucket list when I was with my aunty and on that bucket list it said ‘be on tv’. I auditioned for Big Brother, ended up winning it. When I came out I tried and I tried and I tried and I tried for three years. I remember all the people I’d reached out to and it was like 72 people over three years. One day, This Morning gave me a job. They give me one day for a couple of minutes, then they give me another day for a couple more minutes, then they give me a day for a couple more minutes… and then they would give me more and more and more and challenge me and challenge me and challenge me and then one day I got the call, I was on my way to a competition in work and I got the call to host This Morning. Everybody was ill… I honestly thought they were joking.”

Of whether she was nervous, Josie said: “I didn’t really have time to be. I had 15 mins to get ready. I went straight in, had 15 mins in make-up and then straight to the studio floor. So I didn’t have time to be nervous.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph Sam said: “Everyone’s got a story and it’s never as easy as it looks. Really awesome for someone like me to hear, if you believe you can do whatever you put your mind to. I really liked it.”


Down by the bath, Nella spoke to Nigel, during which she said: “Let’s get everything out in the open. All the tea is coming out now… apparently you’re anti-immigrants?”

Nigel asked: “Who told you that?”

Nella said: “The internet.”

Nigel replied: “Oh, well there we are then it must be true.”

Nella asked: “It must be! OK, but then why don’t black people like you?”

Nigel replied: “You’d be amazed, they do.”

Nella reacted: “Nigel! Nigel!”

Nigel said: “If you came with me through South London, you’d be astonished.”

Nella asked: “So everyone hates you for no reason? Not that everyone hates you, that was so bad. Sorry.”

Nigel: “You can disagree with somebody, but to chuck around accusations the way they’ve been chucked around is grossly unfair. Anti-immigrant, right? No, no, all I’ve said is we cannot go on with the numbers coming to Britain that are coming.”

Nella said: “I’m one of the numbers?”

Nigel replied: “So that’s it then, should it be 5 million a year, 10 million… you don’t seem to understand.”

Nella said: “Those immigrants that are coming in, I came in.”

Nigel insisted: “Hang on! Think!”

Nella asked: “What is so wrong about immigrants?”

Nigel said: “Listen. Since 2000, the British population has increased by 10 million. 10 million.”

Nella said: “Good thing, right?”

Nigel replied: “Good thing, unless you want a GP appointment…”

Nella asked: “I’m stopping you getting a GP appointment? You’re not getting an appointment because the NHS is lacking funding. I bet you anything if every single immigrant or from immigrant descent was to leave the UK, all your doctors, go… most of your doctors are Asian right? Most of your nurses are African women, right?

“You want us gone, that’s all I understood.”

Nigel said: “Stop it. Stop, it that’s not… Nella, you’re not listening to a single word I’m saying. You’re not.”

Nella said: “It’s ok for us to disagree on this.”

Nigel added: “We can agree to disagree if you listen.”

Nella said: “I am listening to you.”

Nigel responded: “No you’re not.”

In the Bush Telegraph Nigel said: “What was interesting was at the end of it she said, ‘Well, OK, we’re going to agree to disagree.’ And that’s the important thing, agreeing to disagree. ”

Nella said to Nigel: “My main point was that we’ve got into this jungle and I really like you and I want to know why everyone hated you. We don’t have to come to a common ground. You probably like a lot of things that I don’t like. And I probably like a lot of things that you don’t like…we can have these conversations.”


At the end of the show it was confirmed that boxer Tony Bellew and jockey Frankie Dettori would be joining camp as late arrivals.

It was revealed that the two will become camp coaches and lead their new campmates into battle in the ‘Scarena’….

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Thursday at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX