In the morning, Nick woke up to discover he’d missed a lot while being asleep. He said to Nella: “What happened last night, because I was asleep?”

Nella said: “Oh! Jamie’s gone! We were like, ‘Who is going to tell Nick because he’s going to wake up and she’s gone?’” 

She jokingly added: “But I think everything is your fault…”

In the Bush Telegraph Nick said: “Went to bed early and Jamie’s gone. It’s not nice. But there you go, we’ve got to carry on haven’t we? Eyes down, feet forward.” 

Meanwhile, after some criticism about the standard of the washing up by Fred, Josie said in the Bush Telegraph: “If I ever get in charge I’m really going to shake things up. I’m going to put Fred on pot wash. Not because I don’t like Fred, I love Fred, but he uses so many pots and pans, I don’t think he appreciates the pot wash.” 

As Fred cleaned up around camp, he admitted he’d inadvertently put the remaining bits of stock cube on the fire: “Oh f***. I think it’s a stock cube.”

Nick gasped: “Oh, Fred.” 

Fred announced to camp: “I put the stock cube in the fire by mistake.”

Marvin reacted: “What? No. No…” 

Fred said in the Bush Telegraph: “Everything was so dirty and I started to clean it again and unfortunately I threw the stock cube on the fire. Oh well, Ronaldo can miss a penalty, I can throw a stock cube on the fire.” 

Tony clarified: “You’re really not joking? That’s a killer. I don’t eat the rice on its own. Oh my god.”

In the Bush Telegraph Tony said: “That’s probably the first time it’s boiled up a bit inside of me. That really annoyed me.”

Explaining his annoyance about the cleanliness Fred said: “For the washing up though, we have to have a standard and the standard has to be 10/10 every time. Because there’s only one kind of clean.”

He added: “Every single item was dirty. It’s unacceptable.” 

Meanwhile, camp leader Sam said: “Everybody, if you wouldn’t mind taking a seat.” 

Deputy Marvin said: “Quick camp meeting.”

Sam announced following Jamie Lynn leaving: “We have changed the camp chefs. We have now got Dani helping Fred as a camp chef.” 

He added: “But we can’t leave out the washer uppers. Nick you are also going to, in place of Jamie Lynn, do two things – camp maintenance – but also helping the ladies carrying the washing up down there… but you can’t do the washing up. You can carry it down and bring it up.”

Sam said in the Bush Telegraph: “We’re actually quite good leaders.” 

Sam said: “We need to keep the peace between washer uppers and Fred.”


Fred, Marvin, Frankie, Josie and Danielle arrived at the Trials clearing today in the first part of a two-day challenge, which will result in all campmates having faced a critter chosen by the public. 

Ant explained: “This is the Barbaric Barbershop. You’ll each take a seat in one of the barbershop chairs, placing your head in the head box above. You’ll need to use only your mouth and tongue to remove the star pieces off the threads in the head box. The aim of the game is simple, to use the star pieces to form a star shape and place it in your barbershop chair.” 

Dec added: “As you can see, each star has been split into two unique pieces. You need to find the two pieces that go together to form your star. However, all the pieces have been jumbled up. So the pieces in your box might not be for your stars. So you’re going to have to pass them between each other to complete the stars. And, be careful, if you drop a piece, it’s gone.” 

He added: “You have got 10 minutes to form 10 stars.” 

Ant continued: “You can stop the Trial at any point by saying ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ If one of you does… then the other people might not be able to form their stars. So you really do have to work as a team on this one.”

Revealing the result of the public vote, Ant said: “Before we begin, we need to know what the public has voted to join you in there. Fred, let’s start with you, you will be joined by snakes. Marvin, you will be joined by snakes as well. Frankie, you’ll be joined by cockroaches. Josie, you will be joined by spiders. Danielle, you will be joined by rats.”

Danielle spoke to the rats saying: “Hey, hey…” 

Marvin: “They’re not going to hurt you.”

As the game began Frankie was first to get a star free. Frankie said: “I’ve got one out!”  

Marvin swiftly got another out before Josie jumped out of her chair shouting: “Get me out of here!” 

Calling her over Ant gave her a hug and said: “It’s OK you’re out now.” 

Dec updated the remaining celebrities: “You’ve got a possible six stars now, because you lose the two in her chair and the pieces in her box. Six maximum now.” 

Marvin told his campmates: “I’m ready to swap, not any of mine makes a star.”

Marvin got one star as Ant said: “This is getting very confusing.” 

Dec said: “There’s lots of different tactics.”

Marvin and Frankie dropped a piece as they tried to share pieces of the puzzle. 

Dec confirmed: “You can now only find a maximum of five stars.” 

Fred said: “This is the worst puzzle you could ever give us guys!” 

Fred added: “Oh my god this is just so annoying.” 

Marvin said of the snake in his box: “Wow, he’s going around my neck.” 

Fred said: “It’s not a boa, don’t worry.” 

Then they worked together to put them all on one mirror, which they’d been using to pass them to each other – and work out the stars and share them out. 

Ant enthused: “This is the way to do it! Change your tactic and it worked.” 

Fred got one star together in his chair in the final second. 

As they finished the Trial, Dec said: “Four out of a possible 10 then. Not bad going considering at 9 and a half minutes in you had one and you ended up with four!” 

Dec added: “Josie, bit much for you, that?”

Josie said: “I am like, petrified of spiders. I was hoping I might be able to get rid of that fear. But becuase they’re coming at you from behind I just didn’t know what it was. Yeah [too much].”

Dec said: “So actually, four out of a possible five is pretty good going.” 

Ant noted: “Everything in your boxes was your worst fears. Danielle, rats are your worst? You did really well to stay in there.” 

Danielle laughed: “It kind of helped me having Frankie saying: ‘Get your bits out!’ It made me smile, Franks so thanks for that.”

Before the trialists returned Tony, Sam and Nick took the lilo to the creek after putting suncream on each other. 


Sitting at the creek, Marvin asked Sam about his ADHD diagnosis saying: “How old were you when you were diagnosed with it?”

Sam said: “Last year, mate. There’s loads of people who are actually like of a certain age who get diagnosed way later. When the low bits happen it goes low. But then the highs are really high. My girlfriend Zara is so steady and it’s so good for me. When she’s going steady I’m going like that [mimes wavy line]. 

Sam said: “My time keeping is terrible. I get quite selfish, not just with her [my girlfriend], with everyone, my mates or whatever. My listening to Zara… I’m just finding myself staring off at something completely different. You sort of feel like you’re a bit of a k*** sometimes.” 

Josie said: “But you would not be Sam without it.”

Marvin said: “I would just always say you’ve got loads of energy. Your energy is crazy bro and it’s what makes you great.”

Sam added: “Weird no one spotted it beforehand at school, but if you look at all of my report cards, every single one says the same, it says: ‘Likeable enough guy, but lacks focus’. It’s staring at you in the face. If I’d known as a kid, not much would have changed, but how you feel about yourself probably changes. I remember crying into my textbook because I couldn’t understand the words going into my head. You want to do good. You don’t want to be mischievous or anything like that.” 

Sam in the Bush Telegraph said: “I’m not ashamed of having ADHD in any way. But I know that I would have felt better about myself at school if I’d been diagnosed with it at a younger age. I really was just like, ‘I just suck at everything.’”

Sam confessed: “I want to be a dad at some point. That’s another thing, we’ve got to get a handle on it. You’ve got to look after a child.” 

Marvin said: “You would be the most incredible dad.” 

Sam said: “What you’re doing now, sitting down, having an honest conversation, being able to listen, advise…”

Marvin advised: “Trust me, all my kids care about is giving them attention, being with them in the moment, loving them, cuddling them, they just want to have all of you and to be as fun as possible and feel loved.” 

Sam in the Bush Telegraph said: “Big Marv, he’s a really thoughtful bloke and such a great listener. He’s just a really good guy.” 

Marvin told Sam: “I can’t imagine doing this without you being here and you being as much fun as what we’ve had.” 

Josie agreed: “Yeah, no way!” 


Discussing their wives in camp, Tony asked Marvin: “Is the group that Rochelle’s with still going strong?” 

Marvin said: “Nah, that finished years ago. Not too long after we finished to be honest.” 

Saying being in a band would be living in each other’s pockets, Marvin agreed and said: “It’s like this, but all year round.” 

Tony said: “Little things, I would imagine, just piss you off.” 

Marvin said: “Girls, it’s harder mate as well. Much more competition with each other. It’s all a bit mad.”

Tony asked: “Does she still sing, or enjoy singing?”

Marvin replied: “No, not really mate. She’s a great singer as well. She’s got her own business now, she does a bit of TV presenting.” 

Marvin asked: “Is your wife from Liverpool as well?”

Tony said: “Yeah. First time I met her I was 10/11 years old. Then they moved and I was still friends with the brother and then I was working in a nightclub as a security and she come up to the thing and said, ‘Anthony.’ At this stage everyone just called me ‘Bomber’ or Tony. I looked at her and she went, ‘Anthony, it’s me, Rachel.’ And I thought, ‘I do not know anyone that looks like you called Rachel.’ She said, ‘It’s Neil’s sister.’ My eyes went, ‘Wow!’ 

“Tried to play it cool, gave it about half an hour, bounded straight into that club and found her, said ‘Can I get you a drink, how are you, what’s going on?’ After about an hour I said, ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ [She said], ‘No I haven’t.’ [I said], ‘Any chance we could go pictures or something? Go for a drink?’ and she just went, ‘No.’ 

“I was persistent. Carried on, carried on… she said ‘Listen, you’re just on my case constantly, give me your number and I’ll phone you…’ Anyway, she phoned me and said, ‘What do you want?’ I said, ‘I thought we could just go to the pictures or something.’

“I got us a taxi, went to the pictures… Got a kiss on the cheek, October 15th 2001 [he shows that date’s tattooed onto him]. And that was it from there. That was the best thing that ever happened to me, 100%.”

Marvin in the Bush Telegraph said: “Persistence, persistence, persistence. Trust me. It was the same for me to get a first date with Rochelle, you know. He’s a bit of a romantic old Tony Bellew.” 

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