The Living Well Team will mark Self Care Week with two events in November, where individuals can seek valuable advice on maintaining their well-being and avail themselves of the complimentary services on offer. These include weight management, smoking cessation support, becoming more physically active, and much more in the Bradford district.

Event Details:

Airedale Shopping Centre, Keighley. Tuesday 14th November: 11am – 3pm

Broadway Shopping Centre, Bradford. Thursday 16th November: 11am – 3pm

The Living Well Stop Smoking Service is initiating a new campaign to inform smokers in the Bradford district about their FREE service. They will be present to provide guidance and conduct complimentary CO screenings to assist smokers in embarking on their quit journey. Every smoker understands that it’s a challenging endeavour, but with assistance from this approachable and affable team, smokers are three times more likely to succeed!

The Bradford Encouraging Exercise in People (BEEP) Team will offer free blood pressure checks and counsel on ways to increase physical activity. BEEP serves as an excellent platform for individuals with chronic health conditions to enhance their levels of physical activity and enhance their health. Learn how to join their complimentary exercise referral service, which encourages inactive individuals to become more active, along with a FREE 52-week personalized support program.

The NHS Oral Health Improvement Team will be present at the events, urging people to be conscious of their oral health and emphasizing that mouth cancer can affect anyone. They will be providing FREE mouth cancer screenings, dental advice, and even a toothbrush (while stocks last)!

Keighley Healthy Living (KHL) will be on hand to disseminate information about all their exceptional services. KHL is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the local community, intending to foster a robust, interconnected, and thriving Keighley that is resilient, capable, and healthy.

HALE (Health Action Local Engagement), an acclaimed health development charity headquartered in Bradford, will also be in attendance at the Keighley event. They specialize in delivering outreach programs, activities, and education on subjects related to mental and physical self-care. Hale collaborates with individuals of all ages and backgrounds and comprises a proficient team of community healthcare workers who comprehend how to positively impact people’s health and well-being.

Councillor Sue Duffy, Portfolio Holder for Children and Families and Living Well said: “We all lead increasingly busy lives and Self Care Week is a great way to remind ourselves that we should make time to look after our mental and physical health and wellbeing. If we are healthy and well, we can manage our personal and work lives more easily.

“It’s really important that people are aware of all the great services available in our district that can help everyone look after their health and wellbeing and these events will be an opportunity for people to find out more”.