TV personality and Radio DJ

Phobias: I am not a creepy crawly guy and I hate anyone or anything touching my neck.

Biggest misconception you want to dispel in the jungle: Since the age of 21, I’ve spent my whole life on TV and so I feel whether people have a good or bad opinion of me, it’s probably warranted!

Role in camp: I’m a ‘yes’ man so cooking, cleaning I will do whatever they want me to do.

Aside from family, what will you miss most whilst in camp: I know this sounds lame but gaming.

Best & worst attributes: I’d like to think I am the court jester and I don’t take things too seriously, so if anyone is having a bad day I would like to put a smile on their face. Worst? I am quite forgetful and I am bad at focusing on things.

Dream camper: Stephen Fry. I think I would self-combust if he was going in the jungle!

Made in Chelsea star Sam Thompson readily admits he doesn’t know how he will cope sleeping outdoors after being forced to quit a recent trial camping trip.

Laughing, the TV and radio star says he decided to go on the trip in preparation ahead of his time in camp but didn’t even last a night because he felt too cold. “I tried to go camping recently but I had to go home at 10pm,” says Sam. “I was too cold!

“But I am so excited about taking part in I’m A Celebrity, it still feels like a dream. I feel like a competition winner taking part. It was an absolute resounding ‘yes’ when I got approached. In fact, they didn’t even need to ask! I am a huge fan of the show.

“Ant and Dec are my idols too and it’s going to be really surreal meeting them.”

So how does he think he will fare in the trials? He says he is fully expecting his former co-stars to vote for him to take part in some trials – particularly as he hates anyone or anything touching his neck

Predicts Sam: “I think they will all be surprised when they find out I am doing this programme but they will definitely all vote for me to do a trial as they are all going to want to throw me under the bus every single time!

“I don’t know anyone who likes spiders. The smaller they are, the worse it is and I am a bit of a screecher. I am not a creepy crawly guy either. And I hate people/ things touching my neck. Any trial involving things all over me will be pretty rank!”

Looking forward to making some ‘lifelong friends’ in camp with his fellow celebrities, the TV star says his former Love Island star girlfriend, Zara McDermott, is fully supportive of him taking part, as are his family.

“I watched the show when I was younger with my family and they are all so excited,” he says.

“My girlfriend is really happy for me, too. She is proud. We haven’t chatted too much about it in the run up as she has been doing Strictly and I haven’t wanted to make it about me.”

He insists the long hours spent in camp won’t make him bored nor will the chores prove too tricky. “If they want me to cook, I will put my hand up, if they want me to clean, I will scrub those pans,” adds Sam. “You can’t be bored in there, it’s the jungle. I am never going to do this again, and so I want to be ‘in the moment’ and enjoy everything. When I am 80-years-old, I want to be able to tell my grandkids all about it.”

As well as his family, he is also going to miss his best mate, Pete Wicks. But a digital detox, he declares, will be a blessing. “To be able to throw the phone away and get in the wild will be so cool,” enthuses Sam. “I spend my whole life on my phone and so I am looking forward to getting stuck in.”

As for how he will feel if he is crowned ‘King of the Jungle’, Sam thinks he would burst into tears. He admits: “This is one of the biggest shows ever and I would probably burst into tears over the fact people like me.

“But in my head, I don’t think there is any chance of winning. I am just so pleased to be taking part.”