Romesh Ranganathan takes the lead role in “Avoidance,” a series centred around navigating life by sidestepping conflicts, evading decisions, and steering clear of the ensuing chaos. While the first series focused on a breakup and the process of rebuilding a fractured home, the second series delves into themes of love, messy reconciliation, and the arrival of a new baby.

Filming commenced this week, and joining Romesh Ranganathan in the series are familiar faces such as Jessica Knappett (known for “Drifters”), Kieran Logendra, Mandeep Dhillon (“Afterlife”), Lisa McGrillis (“Mum”), and Bruce Mackinnon (“The Catherine Tate Show”).

The second series introduces a fresh ensemble, including Matthew Lewis (renowned for “Harry Potter”), Aisling Bea (“This Way Up”), Louise Ford (“The Windsors”), Olive Tennant (“Belfast”), Alex Ranganathan, Jessica Ransom (“Horrible Histories”), Paula Wilcox (“Upstart Crow”), Philip Jackson (“Brassed Off”), Ed Kear (“Here We Go”), Colin Hoult (“Murder in Successville”), Michael Spicer (“The Room Next Door”), and Brona C Titley (“The Outlaws”).

Romesh Ranganathan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I’m delighted to be back on set with this amazing cast, so much so it almost makes up for the crushing agony of my recent spandex-filled wardrobe fitting…”

Produced by Ranga Bee, “Avoidance” consists of six episodes, each running for 30 minutes. The show will air on BBC One and be available on BBC iPlayer. The project was commissioned by Jon Petrie, Director of BBC Comedy, and conceptualised by Romesh Ranganathan and Benjamin Green, with Green also taking on the role of director. The series is penned by Romesh Ranganathan, Benjamin Green, and Jessica Knappett. Andrew Harvey serves as the producer, while Michelle Farr-Scott, Romesh Ranganathan, and Benjamin Green are the Executive Producers. Tanya Qureshi is the BBC Commissioning Editor. Both series one and two of “Avoidance” are internationally distributed by BBC Studios.

Details about the scheduling will be revealed in due course.