The much-loved ranger is returning for a second series packed with adventures that delve into the wonders of the natural world. Ranger Hamza, along with his team of Ramblers, embarks on eco quests to uncover the everyday marvels and their crucial roles in our environment.

Following the resounding success of “Let’s Go For a Walk,” Ranger Hamza leads the Ramblers on eco quests, delving into the significance of various species to present a connected snapshot of the natural world to the CBeebies audience. The series captures the Ramblers, a group of young children, exploring and sharing their outdoor knowledge with the expertise of wildlife cameraman and presenter Hamza Yassin.

From sunflowers and reeds & rushes to orchards and chalk streams, and even small creatures like woodlice, beetles, and earthworms, Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers reveal the concealed triumphs of nature. In the first episode, they unveil the role of woodlice as nature’s cleaners, tidying up old leaves and deadwood while contributing to the recycling of nutrients into the soil.

The series, crafted by Hello Halo Kids, aims to inspire children to learn about and connect with the natural world from an early age.

Ranger Hamza says: “I love exploring the outdoors with the Ramblers. Together we discover just how incredible nature is, and how everything plays its part in creating our different natural habitats, wherever they may be! You can find nature anywhere, and whether its spotting a bee or a badger, finding a sunflower or digging in the soil for earthworms, it’s always fun to spot nature with the Ramblers.”

Kate Morton, Senior Head of Commissioning for CBeebies says: “Ranger Hamza brings his passion for the natural world sharing his enthusiasm with our CBeebies audience to develop a love for the world around them. Showing the hidden stories of how wildlife works together to make the world a better place.”

A series of three-minute mini quests are accessible on iPlayer, and the new series (20 x 14’) premieres on CBeebies from 27 November.