Substantial beams have been hoisted into position, constituting a section of the fresh footbridge that stretches over the River Calder in Mytholmroyd.

The novel bridge is situated at the convergence of New Road and Burnley Road in the heart of Mytholmroyd, poised to supplant the existing footbridge. The present pedestrian bridge necessitated extensive refurbishment, to the extent that it proved more cost-effective in the long run to replace it with an entirely new edifice.

Constructed from concrete, glass, and stainless steel, the new bridge has been meticulously designed, taking into account the listed status of the neighbouring historic road bridge.

The beams supporting the framework have now been raised into position. This undertaking, undertaken by Jackson Civil Engineering, involved a substantial crane and was executed overnight to mitigate disruption.

The forthcoming stages involve concrete operations to shape the remaining bridge deck and other structural elements, followed by the installation of the bridge parapets and connections to the existing footpath. Additionally, a water-resistant anti-slip surface will be applied, and minor re-pointing work is slated for the existing Grade II listed road bridge. The project is set to conclude in early 2024.

This initiative is part and parcel of the A646/A6033 Corridor Improvement Programme (CIP), which extends from Todmorden to Skircoat Moor, near Halifax, and is being implemented in collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. One of the central objectives of this programme is to enhance amenities for pedestrians and cyclists along and around this bustling thoroughfare. Broader efforts also aim to tackle longstanding congestion issues, particularly during peak hours, and alleviate delays for local bus services.

Further enhancements in Mytholmroyd under the aegis of the CIP encompass the establishment of a fresh pathway along the periphery of Burnley Road Academy’s playing fields, connecting Burnley Road with the City Connect route along the Rochdale Canal for individuals walking, cycling, or utilising wheelchairs. A new bus shelter, complete with real-time passenger information display, is earmarked for installation at the junction of New Road. Some traffic restrictions have already been introduced to safeguard several junctions of side roads.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Towns, Tourism and Voluntary Sector, Cllr Sarah Courtney, said; “It’s great to see the installation of beams for the new footbridge across the River Calder at Mytholmroyd – a very visible sign that work is progressing.

“We know the existing bridge is well-used, but the current structure requires significant repairs, and it would be a false economy to spend money on what would only be a short-term solution.

“Instead, plans for a new replacement bridge are included as part of work for the A646/A6033 Corridor Improvement Programme. Part of the aims of the wider scheme is to improve access for pedestrians along and around this route. The new bridge will ensure that this popular river crossing can continue to be used, supporting pedestrian access to Mytholmroyd centre.”