Mayor Tracy Brabin has unveiled proposals aimed at boosting housebuilding in West Yorkshire and enhancing the quality of existing homes in the region. The public is invited to participate in a consultation to provide input on the new housing strategy for West Yorkshire.

Recent statistics reveal that nearly 90,000 households in the region are on council waiting lists for housing, with an additional 63,000 homes at risk of flooding. Furthermore, only 23% of homes are adequately insulated, leading to residents incurring higher-than-necessary energy bills.

The strategy seeks to address these challenges by establishing a framework to increase the supply of high-quality, affordable housing and enhance the condition of existing homes. It will also outline principles guiding the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s investments in and support for both private and public sector partners in delivering top-notch homes.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, said; “Thousands of people across our region are stuck on waiting lists, or forced to live in unsuitable homes.

“Having a safe and secure place to call home should be a fundamental right of everyone, which is why we need everyone to have their say.

“Together with our partners, we will create greener, more vibrant communities where people feel safe and are proud to call West Yorkshire home.”

In a bid to accelerate regeneration and boost housing availability, Mayor Brabin has recently invested £3.2 million to expedite housing projects. This involves supporting district councils with staffing and preparatory site work. The strategy, shaped by public responses to the consultation, will build upon the groundbreaking partnership between the region and Homes England, the Government’s housing and regeneration agency.

The West Yorkshire Strategic Place Partnership, a rarity in England, could result in the construction of up to 40,000 homes in the coming decades. Ongoing projects across the region focus on improving home quality through better insulation and the implementation of cost-effective, eco-friendly energy sources such as solar panels and heat pumps.

The survey is available online, providing an opportunity for all West Yorkshire residents to share their views on addressing housing challenges in the region. To participate in the consultation, visit