Chatting in camp with Nella and Josie, Marvin told how he proposed to his now wife, Rochelle: “When I was ready to settle down, and I knew Rochelle was the one, I took her to the Maldives for Christmas. On the day, I hired a tiny little island, small, from here to the treehouse, maybe twice the size… they dropped us off maybe 11am and I stood next to her, saying, ‘Let’s do a picture’. Then I went down on one knee.” 

Marvin continued in camp: “We got back home, immediately started planning the wedding. We got married, we had five days together, then she went to America for six weeks to shoot a TV show in LA. Then I met her in New York, we had one night together in New York, she went back to LA, I went back to London, six weeks later she was pregnant, from that one night in New York.”

Nella laughed: “Don’t play with big Marv. He said, ‘I’ve got one night, one night only, I’m going to make it happen tonight.’”


Chosen by the public to take on the Trial, Sam and Nella headed to the Trial clearing. 

And it’s much to Sam’s delight as he admitted to hosts Ant and Dec: “It’s a pleasure, it’s an honour. I’ve always wanted to be stood here looking at you guys like this, so this is just really, really cool.”  

Ant said: “I’m not sure if Nella agrees…” 

Nella admitted: “You’re here to face your fears, it’s not really a free holiday, so, you just expect the unexpected all the time.” 

Sam insisted: “We’re a great team. Sam and Nella… it’s catching!” 

Dec explained: “This is Fishy Business. This is a question and answer Trial. As you can see under the water are seven tanks, one of them contains questions, the other six display sea creatures, which are all possible answers. Nella, you’re reading the questions, Sam you’ve got to go and find the answers.”

Ant added: “Once you’re at your chosen tank, which you think is the answer, you’ve got to release the star using only your mouth. Then and only then will we tell you if the answer is correct. There are 12 questions because there are 12 stars on offer and you’ve got 12 minutes to do this Trial.”

Dec concluded: “However, this is a Bushtucker Trial, so the chances are you may not be alone in the water.”

The first question was, ‘The star sign Cancer is represented by which sea creature in the zodiac?’

Sam said: “Oh, crab!” 

Entering the crab tank he found himself with mudcrabs.  

Nella from her tank then asked: “Ant and Dec, can you hear me? Just keep talking to me please.” 

Dec gave her commentary saying: “Sam is in crab… he’s trying to release the first star. He’s released the first star, crab is the correct answer!” 

The questions continued as Sam picked the boxes he thought were the right answer. 

As he entered the stingray box he found toads. One jumped straight onto his head. 

Ant exclaimed: “It’s on his head!” 

Encouraging himself, Sam shouted: “Ant, I love you. You’re my hero.” 

Dec reacted: “What am I, chopped liver?”

Another question included: ‘What is Larry from SpongeBob SquarePants?’ 

Sam said: “I think he’s a lobster!” 

In the lobster box he found Yabbies in there.

Sam exclaimed: “He’s biting my ear! Ow! Get off me!”

The pair continued to race against the clock, getting a final 10 out of 12 stars as the timer hit zero. 

Ant and Dec gave them a round applause as they exited the water. 

Sam confessed: “All I’ve ever wanted is to make you proud.” 

Dec replied: “Oh, Sam!” 

Sam said: “I’m really proud of us.” 

Nella said of how her campmates will react: “They’re going to be so proud, they’re going to be really happy that we’re going to be eating well tonight. Biggest fear – spiders. I don’t like being underground or underwater, but I did it.”


In camp, Jamie Lynn was getting to know new campmate Tony and asked him: “What does it feel like when you knock somebody out?”

Tony said: “Do you know what, babe? It’s a relief it’s over.” 

Jamie Lynn added: “You’re not happy to knock someone out, but you are kind of, because that’s your job…”

Tony replied: “I live for the knockout.” 

Jamie Lynn admitted: “It would be my worst nightmare to know I have to literally fight.”

Tony said: “The most important part is controlling yourself emotionally. You can’t be emotionally attached to the event, you’ve got to be cold.”

He added: “I don’t think anything I’ve done is really special. Anyone can do it, you’ve just got to be willing to sacrifice.” 

Jamie Lynn laughed: “I’m sorry no. No, no, no. There’s a lot of things anyone can do, boxing is not one of them!” 

Sam asked: “What was it like fighting Usyk?”

Tony replied: “Too hard. Obviously he’s amazing. I’ve fought stronger people, I’ve fought quicker people, but I’ve never fought someone like him who has got everything. He works you out. He downloads what you do. He’s downloading all the data in front of him. It takes him three rounds to do it. With me, it took him eight. And then he does it, he pulled the trigger. But I was exhausted, like. I remember everything up until round 7. I don’t remember round 8.”

Fred asked: “Because you were so tired?”

Tony said: “Yeah.”

Sam asked: “Does he hit hard or not?”

Tony said: “No and I was up at six. He didn’t knock me clean out… I get up at six, thank god the referee didn’t let me because he’d have killed me.”

Tony added in the Bush Telegraph: “The referee literally saved my life. Next shot probably puts me away for good. So, boxing at the highest level in the professional business is brutal. My priority was to make it home safe. After that it was to win at all costs.” 

Sam then compared the size of his hand to Tony’s before yelling to Marvin: “This hand is just a hand, but this hand has knocked out so many people!”  

Fred asked Sam: “Could you imagine if Tony Bellew was knocking you out?” 


Nick and Frankie arrived at a milk float-themed Deals on Wheels challenge, where they were told by Kiosk Kev: “In front of you are 25 milk bottles and my jungle milk float and a tank full of milk. All you have to do is get the milk from the tank into the bottles using the milk float. If you can fill all of them before the sand timer runs out then you’ll win the dingo dollars.”

Frankie warned: “It looks too easy – we’re going to get a surprise somewhere along the line.”

As they began, they found that driving the float resulted in the milk pouring over onto them to which Nick said: “The initial shock when the milk came over the sides – it was freezing!” 

Struggling with the need to do a three-point turn in the milk float, Nick laughed: “I don’t think we’re ever going to make the milk run, I think we’d probably get sacked on the first day.” 

He jokingly added: “I’d get on a horse with him [Frankie], I don’t think I’m ever getting back in a motor with him.” 

Once they completed it, Frankie rode off with the dingo dollars on Nick’s back. 

When Kiosk Kevin phoned camp, Marvin answered the phone and revealed to camp that the question was: 

Which of these storylines did not happen to Nick’s character Tony in Hollyoaks:

A: He jumped off of a cliff to escape a drug lord 

B: One of his children was swapped at birth 

C: He opened a balloon shop, which later exploded. 

Camp got the question wrong, with the answer being C. When Nick and Frankie returned they revealed they’d lost. 


It’s time for the camp to get a boss as the leadership vote opened. 

Viewers were asked to vote for who they wanted to see lead the other celebrities, delegating the chores and getting to make use of the camp bus with their deputy camp leader. 

Find out who is picked in Monday night’s show. 

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues Sunday at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX