Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and the Global Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson MedTech have announced a strategic collaboration to advance health innovation plans in West Yorkshire.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals and the Leeds-based Global Healthcare company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) MedTech are pleased to confirm a new strategic partnership. This collaboration leverages the Trust’s clinical and health innovation expertise along with J&J’s innovation capabilities to drive lasting improvements in health outcomes in Leeds and the wider region. The partnership places a priority on addressing health inequalities.

At an event held at the Palace of Westminster on 21st November to update Ministers and partners on the progress of building a new hospital on the Leeds General Infirmary site as part of the Government’s New Hospital Programme, Dame Linda Pollard and Professor Phil Wood, Chair and Chief Executive of the Trust, respectively, joined Hugo Breda, Johnson & Johnson MedTech Managing Director, UK, to formally announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

This significant agreement aims to create a thriving health innovation ecosystem in Leeds with both local and global impacts. The organisations will collaborate on:

  • Advancing innovation, research and development, and new MedTech to benefit all patients, with a specific focus on improving health equality.
  • Promoting skills, talent, and jobs in innovation.
  • Enhancing efficiency within the healthcare supply chain, with a focus on climate benefits.

Professor Phil Wood, CEO of Leeds Teaching Hospitals said: “The Trust is delighted to have agreed a strategic partnership with Johnson and Johnson MedTech, bringing together our clinical expertise and Johnson & Johnson’s innovation capabilities to make a lasting difference to health outcomes, and address health inequalities – not just in Leeds, but potentially on a global scale.

“We’ll be collaborating on innovation and R&D, nurturing skills and talent for the future – all while delivering climate and sustainability benefits. It’s significant news that will enable us to embrace innovation and move forward with our ambitions to provide our patients with the very best in modern, efficient healthcare, which is tailored to their needs.”

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Managing Director, UK, Hugo Breda said: “This is a significant announcement for healthcare in Leeds. We believe that through this collaboration we can drive an increase in innovation for unmet healthcare needs, and equality in access to health services for the people of West Yorkshire.

“Our global R&D and manufacturing facility in Leeds has a significant history in healthcare, being the home of the origins of hip replacement surgery. Today, we have employees working across the spectrum of medical technology development, from 3D printing and robotic surgery to custom medical implant creation and innovative patient education systems. We are excited about utilising this expertise to drive our shared goals with the Leeds Trust.”

This announcement follows the news that West Yorkshire will be home to the country’s third Investment Zone, aligning with the city’s ambition to deliver innovation for a healthier, greener, and more inclusive future for Leeds and the region, and globally. The investment in digital and health tech will accelerate plans for the Leeds Innovation Arc, initiating the development of the Innovation Village on the Leeds General Infirmary site with the refurbishment of the Old Medical School to create a health tech innovation hub.

The Trust is already at the forefront of health innovation with the Innovation Pop-up, a key element of the plans for the Innovation Village. Established just over two years ago and operating across 15 countries to date, the Innovation Pop-Up has facilitated the growth of a thriving community of health technology businesses and entrepreneurs. It collaborates with hospital clinicians to translate new ideas and emerging technologies into real-world healthcare solutions for the benefit of Leeds and beyond.

This year, the Trust has received funding and approvals for building a new home for Leeds Children’s Hospital, a new adults’ hospital, and one of the largest single-site maternity centres at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI) by 2030.

The development of the Innovation Village on the LGI site and as part of the city’s Innovation Arc is anticipated to bring direct and wider economic benefits of up to £13 billion in net present value terms to the city, along with around 4,000 jobs and 520 new homes.