Leeds City Council manages the largest garden waste collection service in the UK, emptying over four million brown bins annually from more than 218,000 households.

Nevertheless, the routine winter hiatus for brown bin collections is approaching after Saturday 2nd December. This means that for most households, the last collection before winter will occur in late November.

In line with other councils nationwide, brown bin collections are temporarily suspended during the winter months due to a substantial decrease in the demand for garden waste disposal. The service is set to resume in spring.

Residents keen on determining the final 2023 brown bin collection date are advised to consult www.leeds.gov.uk/mybinday or utilize the popular Leeds bin app, which can send reminders directly to their phones.

Despite the winter pause in brown bin collections, garden enthusiasts can continue their outdoor work. They have the option to dispose of garden waste at local household waste recycling centres throughout winter, free of charge. To locate the nearest recycling centre, residents can visit www.leeds.gov.uk/recycling or explore the possibility of home composting.

Composting garden waste at home is not only environmentally friendly but also yields excellent soil conditioner and mulch for gardens or indoor plants.

In a bid to encourage more households to start composting, Leeds City Council has secured discounts on selected compost bins. Further details can be found at www.leeds.gov.uk/compost.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for climate, energy, environment and green space, said: “As the winter months pull in, I would encourage everyone to make note of their last brown bin collection dates so that they can have their brown bins ready for the final collection of the year.

“My thanks to our environmental services team, who do a great job collecting and delivering the garden waste from brown bins for composting.”

Leeds Household Waste Recycling Centres operate seven days a week from 8 am to 4 pm during the winter months, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. Residents can identify the nearest centre by visiting www.leeds.gov.uk/recycling.