Camp leader Sam didn’t enjoy his first morning waking up in the camp leader’s bus, after finding a leech on his bottom. 

Marvin pointed out: “You have blood on you.” 

Sam yelled: “Oh, no! A leech! Oh no. That’s dicey, Marv. Oh my god, it’s had a field day!” 

In the Bush Telegraph Sam explained: “I had a leech attached to my a***. I felt so violated.” 

Marvin in the Bush Telegraph said: “First night on the team bus definitely wasn’t the best start to the morning for our camp leader. He certainly woke up on the wrong side of the leech.”

As Sam brushed his teeth, Fred said: “Was it a big one? On the butt? Show me. Ah, that’s OK.” 

Fred in the Bush Telegraph explained: “He showed me his derriere; it’s a tiny little speckle on his butt. I know it’s red and there was blood, but come on mate.”

Fred said to Sam: “Want some good news? I cooked the rice with the stock.” 

Sam hugged him. 

In camp, Tony described the taste saying it now tasted of: “Beef porridge.” 

Jamie Lynn said: “It almost has a chicken noodle soup taste to it.”

Tony said: “It’s now edible.” 

Tony added in the Bush Telegraph: “I ate my first full portion of rice. It was a very smart decision [buying the stock cubes in the jungle vending machine].”


Nick and Nigel were the latest two campmates to face a Bushtucker Trial. 

When they arrived at the clearing, Ant asked them: “Why do you think it was you two voted for to come down and join us today?”

Nigel said: “Don’t know. They kept picking all the women, so I guess it was time for the blokes to have a go. I can’t see any other reason.” 

As they continued chatting Tony admitted: “We are hungry. It’s always nice to bring back the bacon for the guys if we can.”

Dec explained: “This is In Too Deep. It takes place in these two giant water tanks behind you. You’ll need to free those stars that are trapped at the bottom. You do this by releasing the spanners that are up there on the side of the tank. Then you’ll use them to unscrew the bolts that are holding the stars in place. When the stars are removed, you can collect them and get them in your bag. Only stars in your bag at the end of the Trial will count.” 

Ant added: “You’ll take it in turns collecting one star at a time. This is a Bushtucker Trial, expect the unexpected.” 

And Ant explained: “You’ve got 11 minutes to get 11 stars. You can stop the Trial at any point by saying ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ and we’ll stop the Trial, but then you will forfeit any further stars. The other celebrity can play on to get their stars, but with half the time. And of course, you don’t have to do it. You can say, ‘No thanks lads’ but you’ll go back to camp empty handed.”

Nigel enthused: “We’ll do our best.” 

Once they were in place Dec asked: “Happy?”

Nigel replied: “Fine.”

Nick said: “I’m alright, I’ve got a few mates in here.”  

Dec said: “Nick, you’ve got star number one in your tank, so you’re going to go first getting the stars.” 

As they got going, Dec noted: “As you can see, the water level is rising as well.”

With water spiders on him Nigel said: “I don’t mind that, it’s the water that worries me.”

As he attempted to unscrew the stars, Nigel said: “I can’t do this.” 

Dec encouraged: “Maybe use the rungs of the ladder to help you down?”

Nigel opted to pass on the star, so it returned to Nick to try. 

As he continued his efforts to get stars, Nick exclaimed: “It’s a crocodile!” 

Nigel chose to pass on his next one. 

As Nick held his breath and got to work underwater, Ant noted: “He’s good at this.”

Dec added: “The lungs on this man!”

On his next turn Nigel said: “Nick, you’re on your own mate. Pass.” 

And on his next turn Nigel confirmed: “No, I’m done, sorry. Can’t do it. Get me out of here.”

Dec explained: “Because Nigel has gone, we half the time. You’ve got 1.5 minutes to get your last two stars Nick.” 

At the end of the Trial, Nigel said: “I wasn’t worried about the snakes.” 

Ant asked: “It was the water for you wasn’t it?”

Nigel said: “Just can’t do it. I let the side down.” 

Nick said: “Don’t be stupid, we’ve got six.”

Ant and Dec confirmed as Nick counted out his stars on the ground that he’d found six stars. 

Ant asked him: “Your breath holding is really good?”

Nick said: “I do a lot of swimming at home, just used to it maybe.”


In camp, Nigel asked Nella: “Have I upset you, Nella?”

Nella replied: “Yeah.” 

Nigel said: “Right, well tell me why.”

Nella said: “I just feel like you were very dismissive about cultural appropriation yesterday.”

Nigel replied: “No, I was concerned about it.” 

Nella said: “You kind of made a joke of it.” 

Nella continued: “It’s a song.” 

Nigel asked: “Do you think it’s OK in a song?”

Nella said: “Of course. We’re in the jungle, making music out of boredom. How does that get you any sort of backlash?”

Nella said: “It was the costume reference.” 

She continued: “It was what you said of like, ‘Oh, but if I was to dress up in a certain costume, then I’d get the backlash’, basically trying to imply that we can say and do whatever we like and not get backlash, but when you do it, you get backlash. That’s what I interpreted.”

Nella continued: “It’s cool. I don’t have an issue with you. Like I said to you a couple of days ago, you are always going to have your opinions and I’m always going to have my opinions and we can agree to disagree, but let’s just not be the best of buds, because clearly we’re just from two different sides of the world and you’ll never understand my issues and struggles.”

Nigel in Bush Telegraph said: “I’m worried about being accused of cultural appropriation, not as she took it that I was dismissive of it as a concept completely – but we’ve had a chat about it and that’s fine.” 


Frankie was talking to his campmates about his career and the nerves he faces saying: “I can control it now, I love it. It’s horrible, but it’s great.”  

Josie asked: “So you get off on the nerves really?” 

Frankie said: “I do now.” 

Josie asked: “Who pays you then Franks to ride the horses?” 

Frankie said: “The body.”

Josie confirmed: “Oh, the jockey club. So if you win, or come first, second or third…” 

Frankie said: “First four get paid.” 

Josie replied: “What? So you could go to a race and not get paid?” 

Frankie explained: “We get £160 to ride the horse. But if we have a million pound race, I get £100,000 – I get 10%, around there. You’ve got to win the big races to make a good living. To get the big races you need a good horse. And to get a good horse, you’ve got to work for a big stable, it’s how it works.”

Frankie also spoke about some of the rules for jockeys including: “If you’re one pound lighter you’re disqualified.” 

Sam asked: “Why are you not allowed to be heavier?”

Frankie explained: “Because you’re cheating the public. The public bet on you and expect the horse to carry the weight.” 

Of winning at Ascot Frankie said: “[1996] I’m the first one to win seven straight. There were only seven, I won them all. Seven races, I won the lot.”

Sam said: “He’s the best jockey that’s ever lived!” 

Jamie Lynn said: “It’s a sweep, right?”

Frankie said: “They even put a statue – I have two statues now.” 

Jamie Lynn enthused: “Oh my god, he’s the coolest person here.” 


Fred and Danielle arrived at a road sign themed challenge together. 

Kiosk Kev said over his jungle tannoy: “G’day celebrities. Today’s Deals on Wheels challenge will put you in a very sticky situation. All you need to do is match the road signs with the correct meaning. The traffic light will go green if you get it correct. Get all six in the right place and you’ll win those Dingo Dollars.” 

Danielle admitted: “So I failed six times my driving test. Six! Sorry…” 

Dressed in workwear, they tried to figure out how best to walk across the sticky road. 

Danielle said: “That floor was the stickiest thing I’ve ever stepped on!” 

During the game they looked to match the road sign of an uneven road, minimum speed, no vehicles, river bank and more. 

Fred said: “We got some wrong, it happens.”

They completed the challenge and visited Kiosk Kev. 

Camp got the question right after being asked how many ‘doof doofs’ are in the EastEnders theme tune – the correct answer being 9 – and they won crisps. 

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