The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled to be broadcast on the BBC this weekend, originating live from Nice, France, on Sunday, 26th November.

Eurovision enthusiasts and a broader audience can tune in on CBBC, BBC Two, and BBC iPlayer from 3 pm on Sunday, witnessing the performance of the UK entry, STAND UNIQU3, presenting the song “Back To Life.” The trio, consisting of 12-year-old Hayla from Liverpool, 13-year-old Maisie from Essex, and 12-year-old Yazmin from Newcastle, will vie for the coveted title among 15 other participating countries.

In contrast to the primary Eurovision Song Contest, viewers will have the opportunity to cast votes for their own country.

Voting is exclusively online at JESC.TV, and UK viewers must possess a BBC account to participate. It is essential to register beforehand and during the voting process via JESC.TV, viewers will be prompted to log in.

The outcome of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be determined through a 50/50 vote. Half of the votes will be derived from online voting, while the remaining 50% will come from a professional jury representing each participating country.

The initial voting window opens at 7 pm UK time on Friday, 24th November 2023, and temporarily closes just before the live show commences at 3 pm on Sunday, 26th November 2023.

To preview all the performances, visit JESC.TV. After watching the previews, viewers can vote for three of their preferred acts.

The second voting window will open after the conclusion of the last performance during the live broadcast. Viewers then have approximately 15 minutes to cast three additional votes before the window closes, as announced during the live show.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Lauren Layfield and singer HRVY are set to provide commentary for the UK, sharing the excitement of the contest live from Salford.

Director of BBC Children’s & Education, Patricia Hidalgo, says: “With an infectious pop song and three fantastic performers, we have high hopes for our brilliant trio, STAND UNIQU3. Families everywhere can tune in to CBBC, BBC Two and BBC iPlayer to watch the live show on Sunday afternoon. We’d like to encourage everyone to register for a BBC account now so they can vote as soon as the window opens this Friday.”

The BBC’s coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, commissioned by CBBC and simulcast on BBC Two, CBBC, and BBC iPlayer, is a production of BBC Studios. Commissioned by Patricia Hidalgo and Sarah Muller, the Executive Producer and Head Of Delegation is Lee Smithurst. Suzy Lamb serves as the MD for BBC Studios Entertainment and Music, and Pete Ogden is the Creative Director for BBC Studios in the North. Melissa Hardinge is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC, with Nick Hall as the Commissioning Executive.