Morning in Snake Rock and Josie said to new arrival Tony: “I dread to think what was crawling around, around our heads! How was your first night in the jungle, Tone?”

Tony replied: “Cushty.” 

Josie responded: “Crusty? I’ve felt crusty since I’ve been here.” 

Tony corrected: “Cushty… not crusty, honest to god. I’m going to teach you to be a scouser.” 

Meanwhile, in main camp, Frankie explained to his campmates how he learned English.

Fred asked him: “So you were born in Milan, when did you come to the UK?” 

Frankie replied: “At 14.”

Fred asked: “By yourself?”

Frankie said: “Yeah. I said, ‘Dad, I’m going to be a jockey.’ He said, ‘Right, if you’re going to be a jockey, I want you to take it serious, so I’m going to send you for six months in England, six months in France. I stayed in a bed and breakfast. It was hard. I was homesick, cry every night. About three months [I cried]. Not always. I learned the phrase, ‘What is this?’. Then I watched TV. Your thing [Danielle], EastEnders…” 

Danielle replied: “Do you know how many people say to me, ‘I learned English watching EastEnders’. It’s probably the worst place to learn.” 

Meanwhile back in Snake Rock, Tony admitted in the Bush Telegraph: “To call me a JLS fan is probably a bit strong. I’m a huge fan of ‘Love You More’ the song. Since I’ve seen Marvin for the life of me I can’t get this bloody song out of my head – and before you ask – no I’m not going to sing it. I would absolutely brutalise that record.” 

Marvin said to Tony: “The one you love, I wrote with JB.” 

Tony replied: “Brilliant!”  

Marvin said: “That was our fourth number 1 song that was.” 

Tony added: “That’s an unbelievable song.” 

Marvin said: “I always said I wanted to write a number 1 record. I’ve only done it once.” 

Tony encouraged: “Doesn’t matter, you’ve done it.” 

Marvin admitted in the Bush Telegraph: “That really took me by surprise actually that Tony ‘the bomber’ Bellew is a big fan of JLS. Love that.” 

In main camp Jamie Lynn found a large huntsman spider on the end of her bed. 

Jamie Lynn called to Sam: “Oh my god, there’s a spider. What is it? What kind?” 

After Sam explained it was a huntsman and helpful to have around, Jamie Lynn said in the Bush Telegraph: “I was like, OK, you can hang out. Just don’t hang out on me. But around me, I can handle that.”


Grace and Nella had learned they would be facing the next Trial, Touchdown of Terror, and it was up to their Coaches to pick who would tackle it with them. 

Sam was chosen by Frankie to go with Nella. Meanwhile, Tony gave Grace the option to choose her partner, but she declined. 

Josie said: “You can choose me, but I’m a bit of a scaredy cat.” 

Nigel volunteered saying: “I’m perfectly happy to do it.” 

Josie enthused: “Thanks Nige!”  

Grace pulled Josie to one side and admitted: “I’ve had enough. I’ve completely had enough. I just want to go home.” 

Josie encouraged: “it’ll be good for you. What an experience.”

Grace said in the Bush Telegraph: “I haven’t got a lot left in me at the moment. I’m just keeping on a face for everybody.” 

But Nigel continued: “We’ll give it our best shot, Coach!”  

Arriving at the Scarena each team took their place on their bleachers. 

Dec explained: “As you know after yesterday’s playoff, the Home team are leading the Away team 41 – 36. A slender lead in the battle for the breakfast of champions. There’s still a long way to go though.” 

Ant explained the Trial saying: “Over three rounds you must score as many touchdowns as you can. The team that scores the most touchdowns will win dinner for camp. The losing team will stay on rice and beans. 

“Nella and Grace, as you were the celebrities voted for by the public, you will have your head in an American football helmet which will be filled by different jungle critters. You must retrieve the American footballs from the hell hole. Once you’ve retrieved a ball you’ve got to throw it to your teammate, Nigel and Sam.”

Dec continued: “It’s then up to you two to catch the ball, run with it and score a touchdown in the red end zone. If you drop the ball it’s lost and it’s out. You’ll have to do this while enduring some company in your pants.”  

As play got underway the teams encouraged their fellow campmates. 

Danielle yelled: “Stay with it, Nella!”

Sam encouraged: “Exactly how you’re doing it!” 

Danielle added: “Go on girl, get it!” 

Cheering on the Away team Marvin yelled: “Keep going Grace!” 

But as more critters were added to Nella’s helmet she pulled her emergency cord to end her time in the Trial. 

Grace then alerted them: “There’s one in my ear! There’s one in my ear! That’s not nice, I can hear it.”

Grace was seen by the medic who flushed it out and confirmed it had been removed. 

Ant confirmed: “So with the scores very close at 2-1 Nella pulled the emergency cord which meant a default win for the Away team!” 

Dec said: “Well done Away team, you will get dinner tonight. Home team, you’re on rice and beans.”


In camp Fred said to Jamie Lynn: “I’ve never asked you about your sister, but I was just thinking about, do you remember when she kissed Madonna, or Madonna kissed her. How did it come about?”

Jamie Lynn replied: “They just did it. I was at home watching like, ‘Oh OK, this will be fun tomorrow at school, can’t wait.” 

She added: “Anything my sister did I always thought was the best. When it came to my sister, even if I felt anything, if anyone said anything I was ready to go. I was like, ‘Don’t talk about my sister, she’s the best.’ And so literally I just thought – and by the way, in today’s world it would mean nothing – but it was this iconic moment that they went with and it happened and it’s what they did.” 

Of her family’s reaction, Jamie Lynn added: “My mum was like, ‘It’s artistic, she’s expressing herself.’” 

Fred then asked: “Who became famous first?”

Jamie Lynn replied: “My sister, she’s 10 years older. She was famous since I was about 6 or 7.” 

Frankie then asked: “Is it true you don’t get on with her now?”

Jamie Lynn replied: “I love my sister.” 


In a hilarious playoff, Jamie Lynn and Danielle hit the showers to take on Marvin and Josie to earn further points towards the breakfast of champions. 

Jamie Lynn read the instructions: “Welcome to the second playoff, Power Shower. One of you will operate the Power Shower, while the other will wear a giant sponge ball. Working together, your job is to soak up as much liquid from the shower and then squeeze it into the drain in front of you. You will win three points for every litre you collect.” 

Jamie Lynn added: “If I lose this for my team, let me tell you, I will be so disappointed for myself. I’ll never recover.”

Danielle added: “We want this breakfast more than anyone.”

Josie joked: “If there’s one thing I can do, it’s drain the life out of things.”

As Josie took on the job of being the sponge, she laid on the drain’s grate and yelled: “Marv, jump on me.” 

Marvin laughed: “It’s been a long time since someone other than Rochelle’s asked me to jump on…” 

Josie smiled: “Oh, sorry Rochelle!!” 

But Josie explained: “I wanted Marv to jump on because I wanted to get as much juice out as possible.” 

As they continued to play, Marvin yelled: “Is it coming out?”

Josie yelled: “Go a bit harder, Marv!”  

Jamie Lynn told Danielle: “Jump on me like a trampoline. I can’t feel it!” 

Josie admitted: “I’ve done so many positions. I’ve never done so many positions in my life!” 

Marvin rolled Josie around asking: “Is that good, do you like that?”

Josie shouted: “Squeeze me Marv!” 

Josie laughed: “Don’t ever tell Rochelle!” 

Marvin said: “Rochelle won’t mind!” Adding: “We got so much juice out!” 

Returning to their camps Away team’s Josie and Marvin found out they were victorious taking the scores up to Home 137 – 216 Away. 


Coach Frankie and his Home team campmate Fred and Coach Tony and his Away team campmate Nick battled it out in the final playoff, Handball. 

Fred read the instructions: “Welcome to the final playoff, Handball. At the sound of the whistle, each room will begin to fill with coloured balls. 

“Working together, you need to collect as many balls as possible and put them in the correct ball bag. 

“However, you will be wearing giant foam fingers. The smaller the ball, the more points you will win.”

Before kicking off Fred said to his opponents: “Good luck!”

Tony said: “You don’t mean that, but let’s get on with it!” 

Afterwards Frankie felt his tactics were spot on and Fred said: “I’m sure we won this playoff!” 

The campmates found out live from Ant and Dec who had won and thus earned the breakfast of champions. 

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