The culmination of a community-driven initiative to shape the future growth and development of Harden in the Bradford district until 2030 has been officially implemented.

The Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan received approval from the Bradford Council in September of this year, following a successful referendum in July where the majority voted in favour of the plan.

This plan now constitutes a vital component of the comprehensive planning policy framework for the Bradford district. When making decisions on planning applications in the Harden area, Bradford Council will refer to it, and developers can use it as a guide when formulating proposals.

The preparation of the Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan dates back to 2017. It underwent two formal consultation periods, one from February to April in 2021 and another from June to August last year, in addition to an independent examination earlier this year.

With a resounding 87.3% of votes in favour, the Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan has been officially “made” (adopted) by Bradford Council, in accordance with legislation.

Councillor Kay Kirkham, Harden Village Council Vice Chair and Neighbourhood Planning lead Member, said: “I am very pleased that 87% of the residents of Harden who voted, supported the Neighbourhood Development Plan. It has taken over five years to get to this point, but we can now use the Plan to make sure that any future development in the village corresponds with what residents want and need.”

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport at Bradford Council said: “Harden is the seventh area of the Bradford district to have its Neighbourhood Development Plan formally adopted. I’d like to congratulate Harden Village Council on completion of the plan and thank all those who have engaged in the process over the last five years.”

The full text of the Harden Neighbourhood Development Plan is available on Bradford Council’s website at\HardenReg1920. Paper versions can be viewed during regular opening hours at Britannia House, City Library, and Bingley Library.