The beloved canine heroes are making a return for a fresh set of thrilling missions in the second series of Dog Squad.

The highly skilled and compassionate team of working dogs are back, using their exceptional canine abilities to carry out daily tasks for their owners in this blend of live action and animation. The show is set to make a comeback on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer.

Young children and their families have already become acquainted with these intelligent dogs as they navigate the world of being real-life assistance dogs, aiding their owners in leading more independent lives. This new series kicks off with a special and incredibly endearing ‘Pups in Training’ episode, where a new recruit to the Dog Squad is selected to join the team from a group of talented pups at the Puppy Cadet Training Day!

The heartwarming and amusing everyday adventures help younger children grasp and appreciate the incredible work of Assistance Dogs. The show was developed in consultation with Assistance Dogs UK, Guide Dogs UK, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Support Dogs, Therapet, and the Search And Rescue Dog Association Scotland.

Kate Morton, Senior Head of Commissioning for CBeebies says: “Our amazing real life superhero pups are back on CBeebies, educating our pre-school audience about the incredible work Dog Squad do every day. Learning how each assistance dog is trained differently and making us smile at the same time.”

Terri Langan, Head of Children’s at Hello Halo says: “The latest missions in series two really bring to life the important work our dogs do and the huge impact they make to the lives of their handlers and their families. Whether they are helping litter picking, finding treasure, a tricky visit to the vets and even rescuing a stranded mountain biker– the Dog Squad are here to offer a helping paw or four.”

Puppy enthusiasts can catch the ‘Pups in Training’ special episode on 12 November and follow the latest missions of Dog Squad from 20 November on CBeebies and iPlayer.