Content creator Maddie Grace Jepson has collaborated with BBC Radio 1 for a new podcast titled “One Direction: A Fan Story,” set to debut on BBC Sounds on Friday, 17th November.

“One Direction: A Fan Story” delves into the profound impact that the boy-band sensation One Direction and their millions of fans had on cultural history. Influencer and comedy content creator Maddie Grace Jepson, who gained fame on TikTok and now commands an audience of over 1.7 million followers, will host the podcast.

Throughout the eight-part series, Maddie engages in conversations with those who witnessed the phenomenon in real time: songwriters, superfans, music journalists, friends of the band, and industry insiders.

Through music, archival material, and interviews, listeners can anticipate a comprehensive exploration of the world’s most significant fan movement since Beatle-mania. “One Direction: A Fan Story” caters to both die-hard 1D fans and those who may not have fully grasped the extent of the 1D phenomenon.

Maddie Grace Jepson says: “I was so excited when I was asked by BBC Radio 1 to host a podcast on One Direction. My very first Twitter handle was literally ‘maddietomlinson’ with my whole account dedicated to the band, so being able to do this has literally been a dream come true.

“It’s been so fun reflecting on the amazing journey from X Factor to their first ever single, What Makes You Beautiful through to selling out albums and tours. The One Direction hype was real and I was very much and still am a Directioner at heart.”

Maddie’s initial collaboration with Radio 1 occurred in December 2022 during the TikTok Takeover alongside co-host Kyron Hamilton.

In addition to the “One Direction: A Fan Story” podcast, BBC Sounds will roll out more One Direction programming on Friday, 17th November, as part of “One Direction Artist Icons.”

“One Direction Artist Icons” features “One Direction at the BBC,” hosted by Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson, recounting the band’s career through exclusive BBC Archives. “One Direction and Me” involves 1D mega-fan Tyler Oakley selecting his favorite 1D tracks, while “Fans of One Direction” is a one-hour playlist of artists who influenced One Direction, curated by Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson.

All eight episodes of “One Direction: A Fan Story” will be available on BBC Sounds from Friday, 17th November.

“One Direction: A Fan Story” is a BBC Audio production for BBC Sounds, written and produced by Gráinne Morrison, with Andy Worrell as the Series Editor. The series was commissioned by Executive Will Wilkin for BBC Radio 1.