“Charles III: The Coronation Year” stands as a fresh 90-minute documentary crafted by Oxford Films, destined for BBC One and iPlayer. This production promises an exclusive glimpse into the lives of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, unveiling the intricacies of their inaugural year on the throne. Helena Bonham Carter serves as the narrator for this insightful film, scheduled to grace screens this December as part of the BBC’s Christmas lineup.

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles found himself at the helm, guiding his family and the nation through a period of mourning. Simultaneously, he grappled with the weight of his destiny on the globally renowned throne.

Cameras, with special permissions, meticulously trace the footsteps of King Charles III and Queen Camilla during pivotal moments of their initial year in power. As they assimilate into their newfound roles and fulfil their responsibilities, Buckingham Palace becomes the backdrop for the documentary. The film captures the anticipation, execution, and celebration of the first coronation in seven decades. In the subsequent months, it delves into the historical proceedings, featuring insights from both the Royal Family and essential figures within the King and Queen’s Household.

This documentary, boasting unparalleled perspectives from key individuals and punctuated with poignant and humorous moments, offers a distinct outlook on the behind-the-scenes dynamics during a defining juncture that heralds a new epoch in monarchy history.

Kate Phillips, BBC Director of Unscripted, says: “It’s a real privilege to be given such extraordinary behind-the-scenes access to the first year of King Charles’ reign. It is a remarkable time in history and this documentary will offer a unique insight into King Charles and Queen Camilla, and the preparation and planning leading to their coronation – a momentous ceremony watched by millions around the world.”

Simon Young, BBC Head of History, Factual Commissioning, says: “At the heart of this story is a man who is taking on the job that has always awaited him. Everyone wants to know how he takes on that challenge. This film captures a behind-the-scenes view of the King and his coronation the like of which has never been seen before.”

Nicolas Kent, Executive Producer, Oxford Films, says: “With this film we set out to tell the story of this historic year from the inside looking out, rather than from the outside looking in, and we’ve been lucky to get privileged access to do just that.”

“CHARLES III: The Coronation Year,” a production by Oxford Films (1 x 90), is commissioned for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. Nicolas Kent serves as the Executive Producer for Oxford Films, and Simon Young fulfills the role of BBC Commissioning Editor. Ashley Gething directs the documentary, with Faye Hamilton in the producer’s role, and Robert Hardman serving as the writer and co-producer.