Morning in camp saw the conversation turn to tea.

Danielle asked Nick: “Have we got jungle tea today, Nick?”

Nick replied: “No jungle tea. No jungle brew, babes.”

Danielle explained in the Bush Telegraph: “Me, Josie and Nick LOVE a cup of tea. So we save a bit of fruit from the night before, boil it up and there you have it guys, jungle tea. That’s desperation.”

Nick said: “That’s definitely the one thing I miss, a hot drink in the morning.”

Nella asked: “Sam, what’s your coffee order?”

Sam replied: “I don’t drink coffee.”

Grace laughed: “He doesn’t need coffee, he is coffee.”

Then Fred exclaimed: “Oh, I’ve got a tick! First tick.”

Danielle warned: “Don’t pull it out, OK. Oh my gosh.”

Danielle said to Nella: “It’s head is in his arm… urg…”

Nella worried: “That could be us.”

Danielle, stunned, said: “And he’s still cooking!”

Fred joked: “He’s in love!”

Meanwhile, Nigel had a bath.

Danielle walked past and caught sight of his bare bottom as he got out of the tub and said to herself: “That’s a sight… for sore eyes.”

Danielle bumped into Josie and said: “I just saw something I never thought I’d see: Nigel’s bare a**e.”

Josie laughed: “I see it on the first day! Considering he’s nearly 60 it ain’t too bad.”

Danielle replied: “He looks good doesn’t he? Nice little bum.”

Danielle in the Bush Telegraph admitted: “It was the weirdest feeling seeing Nigel Farage’s a**e first thing in the morning.”

Standing together Josie and Danielle said in sync: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s Nigel Farage’s a**e!”

Danielle in the Bush Telegraph added: “I didn’t know what it was, a tiny gap through the trees, I was like, ‘What’s that animal… oh….oh….’”

Danielle doing a Sir David Attenborough impression commented: “Here we have Nigel Farage, politician, in his natural habitat.”

Josie joined in with the impression: “Long gone are the days of Brexit. He now just dwindles in the bush.”

Josie added: “He ain’t shy, is he?”

Josie then told Nigel: “We’ve all had a peek at your bottom.”

Nigel asked: “Is that right? It’s not too bad is it?”

Josie said: “It’s not too bad Nige. I tell you what, it’s not too bad.”

Walking past Sam asked: “What’s not too bad?”

Josie replied: “Nigel’s bottom.”

To which Sam responded: “Oh.”


All of the campmates learned from hosts Ant and Dec that they would all be facing a Trial together.

Arriving at the new ‘Scarena’ they found out they were to take on the Locker Shocker Trial.

Ant explained: “This is Locker Shocker. The rules are very simple; you’ll each be placed inside one of the lockers in front of you. The first five to finish the Trial will form one team. The remaining five will form the other team.

“Inside each locker there are five stars locked to the bottom of the mesh. What you have to do is, using the keys, you’ve got to unlock the stars and then move them up through the mesh maze and out and into the yellow collection slot. But, not every key works. When you’ve collected all five stars, all you’ve got to do is step outside of your locker.”

Dec added: “And be prepared, there might be a few surprises along the way.”

Jamie Lynn took an early lead with two stars. Fish guts, feathers and more covered them as they played. Nigel, Nick and Grace struggled to get their first stars.

Ant joked: “Who would have thought feathers would be the one thing to slow them down?”

Grace admitted: “I’ve lost my keys in all of the stuff…”

Ant warned: “You’re going to have to search around then!”

Covered in feathers and gunk Grace said: “I’ve never felt more beautiful.”

Jamie Lynn was first out. She was followed by Nella and then Sam.

Fred almost got out next but then he dropped his final star. In the meantime, Danielle got out.

Ant enthused: “This is more tense than the Champions League final!”

Then Fred got out, thus completing the Trial.

This meant the five winners were: Jamie Lynn, Sam, Danielle, Nella and Fred.

And the five losers were: Nigel, Marvin, Nick, Josie and Grace.

Dec said to the winners: “You are the winning team and you’re heading back to main camp where you’ll eat well tonight. You are now the Home team. That means you guys over there are heading to Snake Rock. You’ll be on rice and beans and you are now the Away team.”

Asked to sit in their team bleachers, they found out there was more to come.

Dec said: “Now, to have the best chance of success, every team needs a good coach!”

Ant added: “I’m going to give you my best announcer voice… say hello to the king of the saddle, a giant amongst jockeys, he’s galloped here for glory it’s Frankie Dettori!”

Dec said: “Next up, the gloves are coming off, he’s ready to rumble in the jungle, seconds out for the man who packs a powerful punch, it’s Tony bomber Bellew.”

Dec continued: “Whichever team has the most points will prove themselves as the true champions and will therefore be rewarded with a breakfast of champions.”

They were then shown a video of pancakes, orange juice, bacon, toast with melting butter, eggs….

Ant said: “It’s all to play for, it really is.”


Dec turned to the new arrivals and said: “Which team are you going to coach? Well, there’s only one way to find out – you two are about to go head-to-head in a Trial!”

Tony reacted: “Oh for f*** sake. I just looked at them and thought, ‘I’m going to stroll into camp nice and clean.’”

Ant explained: “This is Don’t Drop The Ball. Using only your mouths you have to move the balls from one end of the Scarena over the obstacles to the other end of the Scarena. The first coach to get five balls will be the coach of the Home team. And they’ll go to main camp and enjoy a lovely meal tonight. The loser will be the coach of the Away team.”

Dec added: “You can only move one ball at a time… you may have noticed these are no ordinary balls, these are pigs’ testicles.”

Ant said of Frankie: “He’s used to races, Frankie.”

Frankie laughed: “Not pigs’ balls…”

Asked how they tasted as the race got under way, Tony said: “Salty!”

And as Frankie leapt ahead, easily jumping over the obstacles, Ant said: “It’s like he’s dismounting from a horse after winning!”

Ending victorious, Frankie became the Home team coach, while Tony became the Away team coach.


The Home team return to main camp and found it’s been decked out in their Home colours with some new uniforms for them – and notably, a giant tour bus.

Sam exclaimed: “Look at that, we’ve got a bus. That’s sick!”

Frankie admitted: “What a great welcome. Everyone’s upbeat. They won the Trial so we’re going to get a nice meal tonight.”

Sam continued to look around the bus and said: “This place is sick. There’s proper seats!”

Jamie Lynn said: “Guys, we can have dinner in there tonight.”

Sam then read the laminate which explained: “Home team, welcome to the Home team camp. Your team shirts are hanging in the lockers, the team bus is for the exclusive use of Coach.”

Frankie celebrated: “Lucky me!!”

Nella said: “You’ve got a suite!”

Sam joked: “Hey man, if you need someone to bunk with you…”

Frankie: “I thought it was going to be living rough, sleeping in a hammock… there is this lovely bus, with cushions, windows so no bugs can get in… very spoilt.”

Meanwhile, the Away team arrived at Snake Rock and Nick said: “Oh, we’re [sleeping] on the floor. We’re proper roughing in!”

Josie exclaimed: “Never! Right, OK.”

Grace confessed: “Main camp was a bit of a hell hole, but it had beds and hammocks and a bath and this place does not seem to have any of that. We do have a new uniform though, which I’m quite excited about.”

Tony said: “I lost the challenge, this is what you get. Welcome to jungle life.”


Washing up at the creek in main camp, Jamie Lynn asked Frankie: “So you have obviously won a lot of races, how does that feel when you’re out there? How much is it your control that makes it.. is it different when you have a great one [horse]?”

Frankie explained: “Of course, like in any sport, when you’re at top level the margins are so small. It’s a bit like formula 1. Why is one driver faster than the other when they’ve got the same cars?”

Jamie Lynn said: “Just that one little edge they have.”

Frankie said: “I was born in racing, my dad was a jockey. I was practically born on a horse really. Then I had good teachers… the rest is history.”

Admitting he changed his mind about retiring, Frankie explained: “I got to the beginning of the season, I thought I’m 52, I’ve had a great life riding, and I’m on the top at the moment. I might as well stop at the top. So I announced: ‘Right, this is my last year, going to say my last goodbyes.’ Announced it to the world, [then] went to California for four months, smashed it, did really well. Then I came back to England, kept on winning, kept on winning… and I got to August, the season stops in October and I thought, ‘I don’t really want to retire!’”

He added: “You’re winning, the crowd is shouting your name.”

Jamie Lynn agreed: “It’s hard to walk away from that, right?”

She added in the Bush Telegraph: “He’s been a disciplined athlete since he was born. That’s someone you want on your side.”

Tony meanwhile in Snake Rock is asked about his boxing career hopes and dreams.

Josie said: “What was your favourite fight, Tony?”

Tony replied: “Goodison park when I won the world title. I mean, I achieved my lifelong dream that night. All my dreams came true. That was my main goal and focus in life.”

Tony explained: “We were in the kitchen and my missus said, ‘That it now then, that’s you done?’ And I believe that a man should go out and provide for his family, probably everyone doesn’t agree with this or like it anymore… I go out and work and I try to give them the best I can… she said, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘We’re so far away from financial security.’ We were basically f***ing skint.”

Surprised Josie said: “What?”

Tony explained: “I had a big, heavy, heavy mortgage. I shouldn’t say skint, but I was living on fight to fight.”

Speaking about his fights with David Haye, Tony said: “Me and David get on these days. I’ve fought David twice and beaten him twice, but he’s a far better fighter than me.”


Both camps learned the coaches needed to send a pair of campmates down to go head-to-head in a challenge entitled Slam Dunk’d.

In main camp, Nella volunteered with Fred offering to join her.

Fred said: “I’ll go, I’ll go with Nella. We’re going to go for the win.”

In the Bush Telegraph Danielle said: “Fred and Nella have both volunteered to go out for the challenge today… I reckon this will bond them even closer.”

In the Away camp it was decided Nick and Marvin should team up.

Arriving at the clearing Nella read the rules which said: “Welcome to the first play off, Slam Dunk’d. One team member must to try to shoot hoops while the other takes a seat over the ice tank. The basket ball net will only stay in position when the celebrity sitting over the ice tank is touching both the balls on either side of the chair. For every hoop you score you’ll earn three points for your team. For every hoop you overshoot, your teammate will be dunked and you’ll lose a point. Tactical dumping of your opponent is permitted.”

They took it in turns to dunk their opponents and score points for themselves.

As they headed back to main camp not yet knowing who had won, it was felt it was a tight run race.


In the evening both camps were eager to know the results.

Main camp enjoyed their dinner in Frankie’s bus.

Later, as American sport-style scoreboard music played, the Home team, via Nella and Fred, learned they’d been victorious, scoring 41 points to the Away team’s 36.

Danielle celebrated: “You crushed it!”

Fred said of the other team: “They must be gutted!”

This puts Frankie’s Home team in the lead towards winning the much-wanted breakfast.

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