Fred has decided the camp is going to help celebrate Tony’s upcoming birthday. 

He told Nella: “We are going to do a little production, a little event for him. Marvin and Jamie are singing.”

Nella replied: “I can be the backup dancer.”

Marvin said: “He loves one of our [JLS] songs, Love You More. He loves that song.”

In the Bush Telegraph Jamie Lynn said: “I’m excited to be part of a boyband and really show him what I’ve got for this birthday and really just put on something special for Tony.” 

Elsewhere, Sam was chatting with Tony and asked: “Can I sit on your knee, Tony?”

Letting him sit, Tony asked: “Feeling OK, son?”

Sam grinned: “It’s everything I ever dreamed of.” 

In the Bush Telegraph Tony said: “He’s just a ball of energy. He never stops. I have four kids. It’s not my first rodeo around children. He is literally the most energetic person I’ve ever met in my bloody life.” 


Josie and Danielle arrived at the clearing for today’s Trial, Down The Tubes.

Ant said: “Danielle, as you know, Grace was unable to take part and as you had the next highest number of votes we’ve got you down here as a last minute substitute. Do you feel OK about it? Is it better that you haven’t had a long time to prepare?”

Danielle said: “I think so, the shock might help a little bit and I’m glad I’m here with my Josie.”

Josie said: “I’m glad I’m here with my Tinkerbell.”

Josie added: “I’ve come here and said I’d give it my all and that’s what I’m going to do.” 

Dec explained: “This is Down The Tubes. You’ll each be strapped into one of these giant tubes, suspended high above the valley floor. One of you will be inside the red tube that contains 10 coloured stars. What you have to do is unlock the stars and then throw them to the celebrity that is in the blue tube, who will unlock their matching coloured box and place the star inside. If a star drops to the valley, it’s gone, you’ve lost it. That’s for the first 10 stars.”

Ant then explained that for their final two stars they would have to untie a star and prepare to be dropped from their box. 

He said: “All you’ve got to do to win the star is keep hold of it. There are 12 stars available and you’ve got 12 minutes to do it.”

Dec continued to the campmates: “You don’t have to do the Trial. You can go back to camp, but you will go back empty handed.” 

Danielle insisted: “That’s not an option…. no chance.” 

The pair agreed on their roles with Danielle saying “I’m a good catcher” and Josie saying: “I’m a good throw!”

With both in their boxes, Ant said: “Before we start, I think you need some company in there with you.” 

As critters were added to each, Danielle replied: “Yep, great…”

Danielle said: “I promise it’s OK! Josie, I love you, it’s OK. Remember they’re just little bugs.” 

As things got going and they secured their first star, Dec shouted up: “Good throw, good  catch!

Josie then dropped the white ball, before getting the brown one over safely. 

More critters were dropped in as Danielle encouraged Josie: “Stay focussed it’s the same stuff.”

Ant shouted up: “Josie, don’t think about that. Just keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing really well.” 

Ant added: “It’s a simple game of catch.”

Dec added: “Simple…” 

Josie threw one too far as Ant confirmed: “That’s two in the valley!” 

As they continued to throw the balls across to each other, Ant said: “It’s like watching penalties, I can’t watch…” 

At the end, they both untied their remaining big star and pressed their red buttons, resulting in them both dropping on harnesses from their respective boxes. Both continued to clutch their stars, meaning they counted towards their final 10-star haul. 

Josie admitted: “I cannot believe I did that.” 

Danielle said: “I’m so proud of you.” 

Josie said of her campmate: “Danielle is a golden nugget in life. You’ve got to look after your golden nuggets in life. I’m so happy that Danielle was there with me.”

Dec confirmed: “There was two that got away, but you managed to lock eight in the box plus the two that you held onto when you dropped out, that makes a grand total of 10 stars.” 


After Sam described to Jamie Lynn how he imagined her home life would be, including the family gathering to eat crawfish, Jamie Lynn revealed Britney is a big fan. 

She said: “We’re from Louisiana, we love crawfish. My sister and all of us, we love crawfish so much, but she [Britney] only wanted the good crawfish. So the company in Louisiana would have them overnighted in a box for her, in an ice chest… Even in Vegas, she’d have crawfish, [she’d be] eating crawfish in the Elton John suite.” 

In addition, Jamie Lynn also emotionally opened up to her campmates as she recalled a freak accident that happened with her daughter. 

Jamie Lynn said: “I almost lost my oldest daughter… she drowned and we couldn’t save her. We tried really hard. She was trapped under a little side-by-side that we ride around our pond. This is in 2017. She was 8 or 9 or something like that. My father-in-law, my mother-in-law, me and my husband, we run to jump in to save her and you kind of in that moment you think, this is not real, she’s going to pop up, this isn’t real. I could feel her arm, and I’m jerking it, I couldn’t get her up because it’s a pretty heavy machine. In that moment you think, you know logically she’s been under water too long… nobody can live if they’ve been under water this long. You logically are thinking these things. 

“Then you hear the sirens coming. Thank god my mother-in-law, first thing she did was call 911… she was caught in the safety netting. So when they got there, she was not alive. They took her from me and they incubated her.

“I was sitting on the rocks, I’d thrown up on myself, the adrenalin, then I heard her [my mother-in-law] call my mum and say, ‘Lynne, we’ve lost Maddie.’ Then the fire fighter came over 3 seconds later and was like, ‘We’ve got a pulse, we’ve got a pulse.’ They airlifted her… she’s hooked up on life support, breathing machines and all that… they come in, a priest to read her her last rights, and when they did, her body physically sat up, her spirit responded to it for whatever reason… She got better and better every day and walked out of the hospital. This has no repercussions. So that’s when I became Catholic. For about five minutes I thought I’d lost my daughter and then I was given the miracle of having her back. 

Jamie Lynn admitted: “My biggest fear was she was going to die thinking her momma wasn’t trying to save her.”


Announcing the news of Grace leaving camp, Nick read a jungle laminate to the celebrities. 

Nick read aloud: “My Dear campmates, I’m so sorry to let you down. I have left the camp for medical reasons. My heart is broken, I have loved and enjoyed getting to know you all. You’ve held me up and it’s been a pleasure being your friend through this experience. Leaving you all at this stage will be one of the saddest things in my life. I love you all. Your friend, Miss Grace Dent.” 

Frankie shouted out loud: “Grace, we miss you.” 

Tearful, Danielle also shouted out loud: “Love you, Grace.” 

Marvin shouted: “Miss you, Grace.” 

Nick said: “That’s really sad.”

Marvin insisted: “She hasn’t let us down!” 

Danielle said: “Bless her, she did really well.” 

Fred added: “She didn’t let us down!” 


As a result of the public vote, Sam learned that he’s been made camp leader. 

On learning the news, Sam did a celebratory lap around camp. 

He said in the Bush Telegraph: “I’m camp leader! Yes!”

He opted to choose Marvin as his deputy, giving the pair the chance to use and sleep in the camp bus, as well as complete the job of choosing who was going to do which chores around camp. 

He said: “We’re going to smash it. The reason I picked Marvin is because he’s the one, when I’m being stupid, to be like, ‘Mate, you probably shouldn’t do that.’”

They opted to refer to Sam as the Sheriff of camp. 

Together, after pretending to ride out of camp, they decided to allocate the chores as follows, with the leader and deputy exempt: 

Fred & Jamie Lynn = cooking 

Josie & Nella = washing up 

Tony & Danielle = dunny 

Nick & Tony = camp maintenance [Tony gets two jobs] 

Frankie & Nigel = water 

Sam also had the leader chair positioned in camp for his use during his jungle reign. 


Later the campmates learned there would be an overnight challenge, entitled the Misery Motel. 

Sam read the laminate to camp: “Celebrities, tonight only eight of you will be sleeping in camp. Three rooms have been reserved at the Misery Motel where you will have the chance to win coins to be spent at the jungle vending machine. It’s up to you to decide which three campmates will check in.”

Jamie Lynn said in the Bush Telegraph: “The Misery Motel… it seems like this is going to be a doozy.” 

The campmates asked Sam to choose. 

Nominating himself, Sam said: “I’m a man of the people, I’m not going to ask anyone to do something that I’m not going to do myself. And you know I like contributing…” 

And Tony added: “I’ll go, I’m game.” 

Marvin said: “I can’t leave you behind mate, I’ll go.”

Sam confirmed: “The three wise men!” 

Tony joked: “Take the wise out…” 

Jamie Lynn encouraged them: “You’re going to kill it.” 

Arriving at the Misery Motel, the trio checked into reception before they were surprised with a shower of critters, where the episode ended on a teasing cliffhanger. 

Find out more about the Misery Motel in Tuesday night’s episode. 

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