After an extraordinary career as the third most successful cheeseburger van owner in Dundee, the beloved character Bob Servant (played by Brian Cox) has announced his retirement from public life. This Christmas, a new two-part series titled “Bob Servant Says Cheerio” will air on BBC Radio 4, starting on Wednesday, 27th December at 11:30 am, with the second episode scheduled for the following Wednesday, 3rd January.

Bob’s retirement is being celebrated with two special radio programmes, during which he reflects on his career, setting things right, holding onto grudges, and sharing the lessons he’s learned about life, love, Scotland, and successfully running a burger van. Whether he’s giving advice on the best approach to a funeral or a compliment to a lady, or negotiating clemency from Tayside Police for a series of minor offences, Bob’s self-assuredness and tenacity never waver. These qualities are on full display when he urges his doctor to confirm his physical prowess on air, or, most importantly, persists in his efforts to reconnect with Lulu, whom he encountered outside a petrol station in 1983 and with whom, in his words, he formed a “genuine lifelong connection.” The two episodes will feature Phyllis Logan, Greg McHugh, Rufus Jones, and Jonathan Watson, culminating in a climactic reunion between Bob Servant and the special guest, Lulu. Yes, that Lulu.

Created by Neil Forsyth, the character of Bob Servant has garnered a devoted following since his debut on BBC radio in 2012, followed by a TV series in 2013.

Produced by Lucy Armitage for Tannadice Pictures.

Julia McKenzie, Comedy and Entertainment Commissioner, BBC Radio 4, says “After a bidding war between ourselves, Netflix and Channel 5, I’m delighted that Radio 4 secured this two-parter which finds Bob Servant on peppery, vigorous form as he approaches retirement and takes time to reflect on his many achievements and innate qualities.”

Neil Forsyth says, “It was a great joy to bring Bob Servant back to where he first began, bewildering the listeners of BBC Radio. Brian slipped back into Bob’s moccasins as if he’d never taken them off, while Jonathan, Greg, Phyllis, Rufus and Lulu (that’s right, Lulu), provided wonderful support. What a way to go.”

Brian Cox says, “To once again have the opportunity to play Bob Servant is a great thrill. There are a handful of roles which are coveted by all actors, and playing the third most successful cheeseburger van operator in Dundee is certainly one of them.”