Today, the BBC offers a sneak peek of its animated adaptation of Sir Quentin Blake’s timeless British classic books, in a significant new series, narrated by Adrian Lester.

The first glimpse unveils an exclusive snippet of “Jack and Nancy,” a tale of enjoyment, companionship, and exploration. Families all over the UK will have the opportunity to enjoy the first two specials, “Jack and Nancy” and “Zagazoo,” as a festive treat this December.

All episodes of “Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures” will feature narration by Adrian Lester, with local Welsh talent taking the lead voice roles in “Jack and Nancy,” and Simon Pegg heading the voice roles in “Zagazoo.”

Simon Pegg will also lead the voice roles in “Snuff” and “Angel Pavement,” with Alison Steadman taking on the role of the indomitable Mrs. Armitage’s voice, and Nina Sosanya bringing Angela Bowling to life in “Loveykins.”

This landmark animated box set, comprised of carefully selected specials, is based on six iconic best-selling books (“Jack and Nancy,” “Zagazoo,” “Loveykins,” “Snuff,” “Angel Pavement,” and “Mrs. Armitage on Wheels”) by one of Britain’s most esteemed and beloved authors, Sir Quentin Blake. Crafted using traditional hand-drawn animation techniques to capture the distinctive essence of Quentin Blake’s stories, “Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures” will contribute to the BBC’s longstanding tradition of animated specials.

“Quentin Blake’s Box of Treasures” was commissioned by BBC Children’s and produced by Eagle Eye Drama in collaboration with Creative Conspiracy and in association with animation studios Spicy Acorn, Tchack, and Kong. The series is directed by Gerrit Bekers under the guidance of Eagle Eye’s creative director for animation, Massimo Fenati.