As the world eagerly anticipates the frenzy of Doctor Who, BBC Studios is delighted to introduce The Official Doctor Who Podcast to complement the latest episodes of the acclaimed BBC creation, Doctor Who.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast is a three-way panel discussion featuring author and columnist Juno Dawson, pop culture TikToker and movies podcaster Tyrell Charles, and cosplayer and digital creator Christel Dee, offering exclusive insights from showrunner Russell T Davies. Every week, the team will respond to the most recent episode, share their thoughts, and delve into upcoming theories!

The 30-minute podcast will be released weekly immediately after each Doctor Who episode airs on the BBC, starting on Saturday, 25th November. It will be available on all major podcast platforms globally and BBC Sounds (UK only). Additionally, a global video version will be broadcast on the Doctor Who YouTube channel.

Doctor Who writer and showrunner Russell T Davies said: “No show is complete without its own podcast, and this is a chance for viewers to have their say! I’m proud to have this alongside our vast and unrivalled behind-the-scenes coverage.”

“We were thrilled and honoured when Russell T Davies approached us to produce The Official Doctor Who Podcast,” says BBC Studios’ digital content development director, Chris Allen, “And we were even more excited when Juno, Tyrell and Christel all said yes to hosting. Publishing the podcast both in audio via all major podcast platforms, and in video on YouTube means we can reach Doctor Who viewers everywhere, and we hope you join in our conversation.”

The Official Doctor Who Podcast was produced by James Goss for BBC Studios Digital, with executive producers Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner, Madi Woodstock, and Chris Allen.

Doctor Who is set to return from November 25th with three anniversary specials on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK and Disney Plus in the rest of the world.

The Official Doctor Who Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms globally and BBC Sounds (UK only). The video version can be found at