Ten films backed by BBC Film have received a total of 59 nominations for this year’s British Independent Film Awards, with winners to be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday 3 December.

Raine Allen-Miller’s Rye Lane lead the nominations with 16 nods, followed by Charlotte Regan’s Scrapper with 14 nominations and Sam H. Freeman’s and Ng Choon Ping’s Femme with 11 nominations – with all three films nominated for Best British Independent Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Joint Lead Performance. Mahalia Belo’s The End We Start From received 9 nominations with three further films scoring two nominations each – Adura Onashile’s Girl, Dionne Edwards’ Pretty Red Dress, and Naqqash Khalid’s In Camera – and Joanna Hogg’s The Eternal Daughter with one nomination. BBC Film-backed shorts Muna, directed by Warda Mohamed, and Festival Of Slaps by Abdou Cissé were both nominated in the Best British Short Film category.

Eva Yates, Director of BBC Film says: “Congratulations to all the films and filmmakers recognised in this year’s BIFA nominations – it’s a tremendously exciting year for British Film and for us at BBC Film and we are especially delighted to see our nominations across so many titles and in recognition of the ambition, craft and sheer tenacity of so many talented filmmakers and performers emerging in the industry. Thank you to BIFA for being such passionate supporters of these films and our independent industry on awards night and all year round.”

BBC Film’s BIFA nominations in full:

Rye Lane

16 nominations: Best British Independent Film (Raine Allen-Miller, Nathan Bryon, Tom Melia, Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo, Damian Jones); Best Director (Raine Allen-Miller); Best Debut Director (Raine Allen-Miller); Best Screenplay (Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia); Best Debut Screenwriter (Nathan Bryon and Tom Melia); Breakthrough Producer (Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo); Best Joint Lead Performance (David Jonsson, Vivian Oparah); Breakthrough Performance (Vivian Oparah); Best Casting (Kharmel Cochrane); Best Cinematography (Olan Collardy); Best Costume Design (Cynthia Lawrence-John); Best Editing (Victoria Boydell); Best Make-Up & Hair Design (Bianca Simone Scott); Best Music Supervision (David Fish); Best Original Music (Kwes); Best Production Design (Anna Rhodes). 


Image featuring Harris Dickinson and Lola Campbell in Scrapper. Stood in an abandoned industrial area, the pair point at each other.
Harris Dickinson and Lola Campbell

14 nominations: Best British Independent Film (Charlotte Regan, Theo Barrowclough); Best Director (Charlotte Regan); Best Debut Director (Charlotte Regan); Best Screenplay (Charlotte Regan); Best Debut Screenwriter (Charlotte Regan); Breakthrough Producer (Theo Barrowclough); Best Joint Lead Performance (Lola Campbell, Harris Dickinson); Breakthrough Performance (Lola Campbell); Best Casting (Shaheen Baig); Best Cinematography (Molly Manning Walker); Best Costume Design (Oliver Cronk); Best Original Music (Patrick Jonsson); Best Production Design (Elena Muntoni); Best Sound (Ben Baird, Jack Wensley, Adam Fletcher, Alexej Mungersdorff).


Image featuring George MacKay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett from Femme.
George MacKay and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

11 nominations: Best British Independent Film (Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping, Myles Payne, Sam Ritzenberg); Best Director (Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping); Best Debut Director (Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping); Best Screenplay (Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping); Best Debut Screenwriter (Sam H. Freeman, Ng Choon Ping); Best Joint Lead Performance (George MacKay, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett); Best Cinematography (James Rhodes); Best Costume Design (Buki Ebiesuwa); Best Make-Up & Hair Design (Marie Deehan); Best Music Supervision (Ciara Elwis); Best Original Music (Adam Janota Bzowski).

The End We Start From

Image featuring Jodie Comer holding a baby in The End We Start From.
Jodie Comer

9 nominations: Best Lead Performance (Jodie Comer); Best Supporting Performance (Katherine Waterston); Best Cinematography (Suzie Lavelle); Best Costume Design (PC Williams); Best Editing (Arttu Salmi); Best Effects (Theodor Flo-Groeneboom); Best Original Music (Anna Meredith); Best Production Design (Laura Ellis Cricks); Best Sound (Jens Rosenlund-Petersen, Amy Felton, Joe Jackson, Tim Cavagin, Lori Dovi).


Image featuring Déborah Lukumuena and Le’Shantey Bonsu in Girl. The pair embrace on a fairground ride.
Déborah Lukumuena and Le’Shantey Bonsu

2 nominations: Breakthrough Performance (Le’Shantey Bonsu); Best Original Music (Ré Olunuga).

In Camera

Image featuring Nabhaan Rizwan from In Camera.
Nabhaan Rizwan

2 nominations: Best Lead Performance (Nabhaan Rizwan); Best Supporting Performance (Amir El-Masry).

Pretty Red Dress

Image featuring Alexandra Burke and Natey Jones in Pretty Red Dress.
Alexandra Burke and Natey Jones

2 nominations: Breakthrough Producer (Georgia Goggin); Best Supporting Performance (Alexandra Burke). 

The Eternal Daughter

Image featuring Tilda Swinton in The Eternal Daughter.
Tilda Swinton

1 nomination: Best Lead Performance (Tilda Swinton). 

Festival Of Slaps (short)

Image from Festival Of Slaps featuring a close-up of the human eye with an outstretched hand reflected in their pupil.

1 nomination: Best British Short Film (Abdou Cissé, Cheri Darbon, George Telfer).

Muna (short)

Image featuring Kosar Ali in Muna, leaning back against a wall and listening to music through headphones.
Kosar Ali

1 nomination: Best British Short Film (Warda Mohamed, Angela Moneke, Simon Hatton).