BBC Arts is unveiling the inner workings of the contemporary art market in a significant new box-set series for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. Entitled “The Real Story of Inigo Philbrick” (working title), this 3-part series lasting 60 minutes each, narrates the tale of Inigo Philbrick’s rapid ascent and dramatic downfall. Philbrick was once the preferred contemporary art broker of the art world.

The programme offers an exclusive look into the life of Inigo Philbrick and his fiancée, Victoria Baker-Harber, a star from the reality TV show “Made in Chelsea”. It chronicles the trajectory of Inigo Philbrick, a British-born, American-raised prodigy who swiftly became the art world’s leading dealer, only for it all to come crashing down.

The couple became the focus of a six-month international pursuit led by the FBI. Philbrick’s audacious attempt to evade capture culminated in his arrest on the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. He stood trial, was found guilty, and is presently serving a seven-year sentence in a prison in Pennsylvania.

This comprehensive boxset, which grants access to hitherto unseen archives, videos, and text messages, lays bare Philbrick’s transgressions, opulent lifestyle, and influential connections that propelled him from a life of luxury to confinement behind bars.

Alistair Pegg, BBC Arts Commissioning Editor, says: “This compelling series promises exclusive access to one of the most jaw-dropping art world stories of recent years.”

Jennifer Harkness, Executive Producer, Blue Ant Studios, says: “We’re thrilled to be working with BBC Arts, to bring this multi-layered story to UK screens. This project is the first documentary that provides exclusive access to both Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Baker-Harber, a love story that spanned multiple countries, multi-million dollar art deals and an international manhunt ending in an exotic, South Pacific archipelago.”

In addition to first-hand accounts from Inigo Philbrick and Victoria Baker-Harber, the series includes interviews with prominent figures in the art world, including fine artists, buyers, dealers, lawyers, and law enforcement officers, in order to unearth the truth about the worth of art in today’s market.

“The Real Story of Inigo Philbrick” (working title) is produced by Blue Ant Media for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer. The director is Jamie Crawford, while the series producer is Sarah Sharkey Pearce. The series was commissioned for BBC Arts by Alistair Pegg.