BBC Arts is set to introduce a new series of individual films featuring prominent British cultural figures reflecting on their lives and careers.

These six films, each lasting 45 minutes, are scheduled to be broadcast next year on both BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The BBC is currently inviting potential suppliers to submit their proposals for the series, offering a significant opportunity for production companies to create content for BBC Arts.

The films will feature personal accounts, blending in archival footage and current events. “In My Own Words” will provide viewers with an unprecedented closeness to major figures in the creative world, presenting compelling stories about the arts along with genuine psychological insights.

BBC One’s existing arts programme, Imagine, will run in parallel with “In My Own Words” as Specials once the current season, announced last week, concludes.

Suzy Klein, Head of Arts & Classical Music TV, says: “In My Own Words is an ambitious new arts strand which will deliver fresh new insights into some of Britain’s leading creative artists. This is an exciting opportunity for suppliers to produce content for BBC Arts and we’re looking to work with a variety of programme makers who can bring out the best of the subjects and deliver stylish films that stand the test of time.”

Furthermore, we anticipate exploring concepts for future Imagine Specials with Alan Yentob. These, in conjunction with this new series, underscore our dedication to providing audiences with top-notch arts content at the core of BBC One and iPlayer’s schedules.”