Oscrete, a concrete admixture manufacturer based in Bradford, is celebrating its 40th year in operation with plans for further expansion and an increased stake in its Northern Ireland division.

As a subsidiary of Christeyns, Oscrete stands as one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist construction chemicals. The company manufactures and supplies a diverse range of concrete admixtures tailored for the precast, ready-mix concrete, and ready-to-use mortar industries.

Since its establishment in Bradford in 1983, the dedicated team of 18 members has augmented its client roster by over 12% in 2023. Moreover, Oscrete has successfully secured a 90% share of its official distributor in Northern Ireland, Adcrete.

According to Director Scott Wilson, this development strengthens Oscrete’s business model and foothold in Ireland, positioning the team with the necessary infrastructure and expertise to lead as a concrete admixture and additive supplier in the region.

“Our growth and turnover in Ireland has increased by 200% in the last four years and this growth serves to support the wider business operation throughout the UK. All of our products are manufactured here in Bradford and the success in Ireland reflects our continued growth in the UK markets, shown through our increase in customers and the expertise of our team, which has seen seven new appointments since the start of 2022.”

Oscrete’s origins trace back to 1983, emerging from the discovery of new markets for the oil and surfactant products of its former parent company, Christeyns, a laundry detergent manufacturer. The company swiftly developed products designed for precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, and mortar, thereby establishing itself as a specialised producer of high-performance concrete admixtures.

In 2004, Oscrete introduced Osperse performance additives (OPA) to drive its growth as a leading supplier of speciality additives used in the production of dry silo mortars and dry bagged products. The year 2016 marked the formation of Adcrete Ltd, the exclusive distribution partner for Oscrete admixtures and additives in Northern Ireland.

Christeyns acquired Adcrete in 2018, further solidifying the company’s ambitious plans for the Oscrete brand within the construction industry. In 2023, the newly independent Oscrete team achieved a significant milestone by securing a 90% shareholding in the Adcrete business.

Scott added: “In 40 years, we’ve gone from being a small part of a bigger business specialising in laundry detergent chemicals to a standalone business which, in 2022 declared a new chapter of independence, giving us the flexibility to focus entirely on core market supply, customer service and new product development.

“As Oscrete continues to evolve, we are placing considerable resources and focus on our role as a construction chemical manufacturer to help reduce the CO2 footprint of concrete through cost-effective, green product solutions, while our strategic growth involves both live and planned conversations around future acquisitions.”