The staff at Manningham Housing Association marked National Inclusion Week by engaging in a series of activities at their Bradford headquarters, centred around the theme of ‘Take Action, Make Impact.’

In collaboration with the Housing Diversity Network, the agenda featured a communal lunch each day, where everyone was encouraged to don traditional attire. Yoga sessions, quizzes, and bingo were fundamental components of the week, alongside group dialogues and training sessions focused on inclusivity.

These activities were complemented by more energetic pursuits like a table football tournament and a skipping rope challenge, with prizes at stake.

This marks the third consecutive year that Manningham Housing Association has participated in National Inclusion Week, an initiative aimed at uniting people, celebrating diversity, and cultivating a more inclusive work environment.

Manningham Housing Association holds the distinction of being the first housing association in the country to receive official accreditation for its efforts in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. Last year, it was honoured with the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce Equality Trailblazer Award for its accomplishments.

The team tasked with coordinating Manningham Housing Association’s National Inclusion Week activities was led by its Corporate Project Manager, Carolina Padovezi de Oliveira.

She said; “I could not be prouder of the collective effort that made the week such a resounding success.

“We set out to create a more inclusive workplace and, through active participation, we made significant strides towards achieving that objective.

“It was heartening to see so many of my Manningham Housing Association colleagues enthusiastically take part in insightful training sessions, engaging games and challenging quizzes – there was something for everyone.

“The skipping rope competition, table football final and yoga sessions were not only fun but also emphasised the importance of physical wellbeing and inclusivity.”

Ulfat Hussain, Manningham Housing Association Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Operations, said; “National Inclusion Week has become one of the absolute highlights in our calendar with this year’s event line-up the biggest, best and most diverse yet.

“The group discussions included topics such as body language, disability awareness, mental health, faith and culture. These conversations are crucial in breaking down barriers and fostering a more inclusive workplace environment.

“The communal lunches, traditional dress days and many other activities helped to create an even greater sense of togetherness that will extend far beyond National Inclusion Week.

“It is an ongoing journey and the active involvement of everyone at Manningham Housing Association is instrumental in sustaining this momentum. I am proud of them all.”

Barrington Billings, Manningham Housing Association Chair, said; “Promoting inclusion is at the heart of everything Manningham Housing Association does, it is in our DNA.

“On behalf of the Board, I congratulate Carolina and her team for delivering an outstanding and innovative National Inclusion Week programme.

“Their tireless efforts set the inclusivity bar higher year after year.”